A's Acquire Casper Wells from Toronto for Cash Considerations



"Has the best range in the game, he's SO fast you almost can't even see him... almost."

The past couple of weeks for Casper in the Major Leagues have been anything short of existent. Whether the Mariners or Blue Jays can identify him in a club's 25-man roster or his numbers are inadequate for the show -- the A's have acquired the outfielder for cash in hopes he can make some sort of impact with Yoenis Cespedes on the DL and Chris Young struggling greatly on the field and at the plate.

According to Susan Slusser, Wells will be on the 25-man roster and as a result, Scott Sizemore has been transferred to the 60-day DL. Because Wells is out-of-options, an additional roster move must be made to make the move official (My guess is Michael Taylor heads to Sacramento). Like I previously mentioned, Wells played for the Mariners the past two seasons and before that -- the Tigers for three.

His numbers are nothing to necessarily get excited about, in fact his best season appeared to be in 2010 with Detroit where he batted .385 with five RBI's and one homerun in fourteen games. Though his slashline is quite impressive standing at .264/.349/.489, Casper can mash left-handed pitching; somewhere in the distance I can see Billy Beane grinning and thinking Doubront is on the hill -- so LETS GO! Wells doesn't seem to have the durability to play every day, but my guess is he could be a defensive upgrade until Cespedes comes back. Capable of playing all three outfield positions, we are just going to have to see how his performance translates with Oakland.

Wells has been in the American League his whole Major League career, so hopefully he won't have to make the adjustments Young has had to thus far and therefore make some sort of positive impact with the A's.

So what does AN think of this move. Let me hear you and share your excitement based on the fact Young could or could not be in the lineup and dropping routine fly balls or doing his best interpretation of a Jedi at the plate -- while missing everything in sight.

May the force be with you young Casper... at least enough to fly around Fenway to confuse Boston batters!

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