2013 GOG #7: A Slow Return to What Passes for Normalcy These Days ANSWERS POSTED (thanks, jp)

In the end, Toronto may well prevail in the AL East. At the moment, the Red Sox sit atop the division. Appropriate perhaps, given recent events.

THE QUESTIONS (49 points)

1. Series Outcome (3 points) Red Sox, 2-1

2. Run Line 3 at Fenway; Predict Over/Under 7.5 Total Runs Scored for each game (1 point each, 3 total) Over, Over, and Over yet again. I'll never do another Run Line question for a Fenway Series, ever. I can't count that high.

3. Shortstop Showdown I spent a great deal of this past Offseason staring at the ticker on MLBN, waiting for news that the A's had re-signed Stephen Drew. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. Predict AB/H/XBH for Jed Lowrie (2 points each) Is he charged with an Error (at any position)? (1 point) Now, do the same for the departed Mr. Drew (14 points total) Lowrie: 14/4/1/No Error Drew: 9/2/1/No Error

4. Visiting With Some Old Friends One of the more rewarding (and poignant) aspects of being an A's Fan is that you can watch virtually any MLB game and root for a guy that used to rock the Green and Gold. Jonny Gomes is off to a slow start, hitting .200 through Saturday's contests, albeit with an OBP roughly double of that. Hope he gets on track, but not until the A's leave town. Predict the Gomer's AB/H/XBH (2 points each) He hasn't hit a Home Run this Season; Are we "treated" to a Gomer Homer during this Series? (1 point) Does he appear in more than 1 game as an Outfielder during this Series? (1 point) Andrew Bailey is once again the Red Sox Closer; Does he record a Save during this Series? (1 point) Through Saturday, Clayton Mortensen was the proud owner of a 0.91 WHIP; Is his WHIP still below 1.0 after Wednesday's game? (1 point, 10 total) Gomes: 3/1/0/No HR/No 1+ OF/Yes, Bailey gets a Save/ No Sub-1.0 WHIP for Mortensen

5. Four Eyes, One Bad-Ass It's still early, but doesn't A.J. Griffin look good? He cleanses the palate after a cringe-inducing Anderson/Parker start (Parker was actually OK on Saturday, but I really wanted to use the phrase "cleanses the palate"). Predict A.J.'s IP/H/BB/K (2 points each) Does he surrender a Home Run? (1 point, 9 total) 4/8/1/3/Yes, HR

6. Pen Pandemonium I'm typing this up while I watch Jesse Chavez put Sunday's game totally out of reach for the A's. Doing a Chavez question would just be too depressing, so let's talk about Jerry Blevins and Sean Doolittle instead. Who pitches more Innings? Who gives up more Hits? Who records more Strikeouts? Who Walks more than 1 Batter? "Tie" or "Nobody" will work for any of these, of course. (1 point each, 4 total) Hey, here's a Jesse Chavez question: "Dude, why must you torture me so with your abysmal pitching?!?" Blevins, More IP/Tie, More Hits/Blevins, More Ks/Doolittle, 1+BB

7. Over/Under (1point each, 5 total)

a) 19.5 Innings Pitched, A's Starters (19 1/3: Under, 19 2/3: Over) UNDER

b) 35.5 Runners LOB, both Teams combined OVER

c) 3.5 Series Errors, both Teams combined OVER

d) 1.5 Hit Batsmen for the Series OVER

e) 6.5 Home Runs, both Teams combined UNDER

Answers due by Monday, 3:35 pm PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

I won't be in a position to post the Answers until late Wednesday night. If anybody beats me to it, I thank you and will put them in the body of the Post as soon as I can.

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