2013 GOG #6 - Welcome to the Tropicana Zooooooooooooone

GOG #6 – Welcome to the Tropicana-zone

The A’s begin their second road trip of the season Friday night against their arguable AL East mirror-image, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Rays record on the young season is currently 5-10 while the A’s sit pretty at 12-4. The Rays, like the A’s, are a “small market” team that relies on identifying cheap, young talent and other teams’undervalued cast-offs. The strategy is working swimmingly for the A’s recently, not going super well for the Rays since last year, but ah, the season is young. I like the Rays, but not this weekend.

Without further ado, may I present to you, fellowship of the green and the gold, the sixth GOG of the 2013 season:


Oakland Athletics roster




And please, kids, do your homework

1) Series Outcome [3 pts]

2) What’s the matter with JAAAR-ROD? HE’S-MY-CHUM!

Seriously, Parker has been dismal this season in his first three starts, but we all remember how solid he was last year, including down the stretch and in the ALDS. Does he finally get his mojo back on Saturday?

Guess Jarrod’s Game Score and Number of Pitches thrown in his start on Saturday

5 pts if exact (each); 3 pts if within 3 (each); 1 pt if within 5 (each)

Does he make it through the 6th inning? (1 pt)

Does he get his first win of 2013? (1 pt)

[12 pts possible]

3. The Hot Corner – Donaldson has been awesome since his late season call-up / resurgence last year. Longoria is, well…Longoria.

Guess the combined PA/XBH/RBI/E (at any position) for the illustrious third basemen of the A’s & Rays.

[2 pts each; 8 possible]

4)John Jaso returneth - Maddon batted Jaso lead-off when Jaso was with the Rays – a catcher? Batting leadoff?? Is nothing sacred??? Guess the following for Jaso for the series:

Games started at C

Games started at DH

Stolen bases


Runs scored

[1 pt each – 5 possible]

5) Win Probability Added – read all about it!

Name the player from each team who records the highest single game WPA in the series. Name up to 3 players for each team.

3 points for a correct answer w/one guess

2 pts for a correct answer w/ 2 guesses

1 pt for a correct answer w/ 3 guesses

[6 pts possible]

6) Oh Tropicana Fields, thou art lovely and temperate...

According to casual fans, not really - the Rays, like the A's, lag in attendance. Guess the total attendance for the 3-game series.

5 pts if within 1000

3 pts if within 3000

1 pt if within 5000

[5 pts possible]

7) Grab bag –

a. How many sac flies for the series (for both team combined)? 2 pts

b. How many caught stealing for the series (for both teams combined)? 2 pts

c. How many runs scored for the series (for both teams combined)? 2 pts

d. How many outfield assists for the series (for both teams combined)? 2 pts

e. How many innings pitched by starters for the series (for both teams combined)? 2 pts

[10 pts possible]

8) Bonus quirk question - does a batted ball hit a catwalk (or other indoor quirk of the park) at the Trop during this series? Y or N (1 pt) If Y, who hits the ball that hits the catwalk?

Only one guess - 10 pts if you randomly guess the correct player.

60 points possible - and may the best GOG'er prevail!

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