2013 GOG #5: Marwins and Trogdors and Peacocks, oh my! - ANSWERS POSTED




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GOG #4 vs the Motor City Kitties

Baseball Reference

1. Series outcome: Three-game series at vs. the ‘stros. (3 points) A's sweep!

2. Doctor Shreddick: Josh Reddick has struggled through the early goings this season. Is a series against Houston just what the doctor ordered? Guess Josh’s PA/H/XBH/K. (2 points each, 8 total) 8/1/1/1

3. Cute, cuddly home run-hitting teddy bears: It’s Trogdor’s return to the Coliseum! Guess his PA/H/BB/K. (2 points each) Does he go yard? Does he commit an error? (1 point for HR and error) (10 total) 12/1/2/4, no, no

4. Norris and Norris: North Bay native Bud Norris is slated to start for Houston in the final game of the series. Guess his IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each) Since he’s a righty, he’s unlikely to face D-No. If he does, though, does D-No reach base against him? (1 point) (9 total) 0.2/5/3/0, yes

5. What time is it? GAME TIME! Guess the average time of the three games in the series. We will round off to the nearest minute (6 points exact, 4 points +/- 1-3 minutes, 2 points +/- 5-7 minutes, 1 point +/- 8-10 minutes) 3:20

6. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s time for the Oakland A’s dot racing! As most of you know, the dot race takes place during the middle of the fourth inning. Guess the score of each game, in no particular order, in the middle of the fourth. You can pick the same score more than once. You don’t have to assign each score to a specific date. (2 points each) Has any starting pitcher been yanked by the middle of the fourth? (1 point) If yes, who? (4 points for correct pitcher, 2 points for a correct no) I’ll be at Tuesday’s game, so guess the winner of Tuesday’s dot race (green, gold or white). (1 point) (maximum 12 points) 6-1, 2-0, 6-1, yes, Bedard and Norris, gold dot

7. Odds and Ends:

a) Name someone who gets hit by a pitch. You can also guess Nobody. (1 point for a correct player, 2 points for a correct Nobody, 3 points if the correct player is the first player pegged in the series) Nobody

b) Guess the total number of double plays in the series. (2 points correct, 1 point +/- 1) 4

c) Guess how many saves are recorded in the series. (1 point) 2

d) How many triples are hit in the series? (1 point) 3

e) Guess the highest number of relievers used in a game by a single team. (1 point) 4

BONUS: Give yourself one point for each game you attend this series.

56 points total + 3 bonus points possible

Answers due Monday at 7:05 PDT.

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