Power Rankings?

I just saw's power rankings and i think it is pretty far off of how it will turn out in reality. The rankings as of now go as:

1. Nationals (pretty spot on imo)

2. LAA (as an A's fan and a self proclaimed baseball junkie much too high)

3. Gnats ( Posey is a beast but no power in left and an aging 2nd basemen and pablo DL sandoval plus pitching concerns eems a bit high)

4. Tigers (about right if the closer thing works itself out, poor infield D should be canceled out by great offence)

5. Jays ( I need another year from Encarnacion and the chemistry is a big ?)

6. Dodgers ( they said Beckett would help anchor the rotation nuf said)

7. Reds ( way to low were my WS winners but cueto got hurt after like 6 pitches in Game 1 of DS)

8.ATL ( pre season ranking seems about right if Beachy comes back strong up a spot or two )

9. Tex ( i don't see any real improvement from last year and the is a bunch of subtraction i see about 86 wins max)

10. The Rays ( kinda like the A's east with better ownership. Too low for me i see the east as their's with the pitching , espescially if Longoria is healthy)

11. D'backs ( lot's of former A's but that will only power them so far. jk. good team good rotaion. but lost a superstar type player and is Hill real?)

12. Cards ( probably in about the right spot this early could make big leap if miller/ rosenthal are turn into possible 1's)

13. Yanks ( much to old and with a possible suspension going to Cano i see below .500 team)

14. A's ( if this is based off of offence alone Still too low and as i said before my A's bias is here so should land in the 2-6 spot)

15. Philly ( Too old, too many health questions, no really good outfielders. pick 2 and that should tell you why they shouldn't be a top 15 team)

( stops at 15 so I will too)

Here's my top 15

1. Nats



4. Rays



7. LAA

8. ATL

9.10. Jays Dodgers interchangeable

11. Cards

12 D'backs

13. Tex

14. Baltimore ( I'm not a true believer yet but i hope to be made into one)

15. Whitesox ( They have some really good pieces and some really inconsistant ones I could see another playoff push)

Sleepers: Royals, Brewers

Double Sleeper Twins ( if they can straighten out the pitching)

I hope everyone who reads this enjoys my insight into what i believe are the contenders of the MLB

- and this is my first post on here besides a comment calling a Choice Homer where i was surprised nobody called me out on my typo in the spelling of his name. leave some comments on how you think things should be I'd appreciate any new opinions becuase I'm no expert and don't have any history of being good at predictions (besides calling the Nats success to go along with The floundering marlins last year)

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