GOG #00: Season Predictions! LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD

So, welcome to the first GOG of the season, our preseason predictions thread. For those of you new to GOGs, GOG is the Guess the Outcome Game. Before each series, someone (maybe even YOU), will post a set of prediction questions for the series. Each question will be worth points. Question answers are due before the first pitch of the first game of the series.

Floor for each individual question is 0, so you can't get negative points for a question (even if its got penalties for incorrect guesses).

This GOG is longer since its the preseason GOG with ALL THE SEASON PREDICTIONS

1- What is the A's 2013 Win Total? (5 points exact, 3 for +/- 1 win, 2 for +/- 3 wins)

2- Guess the Final AL West Standings. (2 points each) How many wins takes the West? (2 points)

3- By how many games is the West won? (3 pts) Guess the game number (1-162), which clinches the division. (3 points if +/- 1; Tiebreakers count as 163, 164, etc.)

4- How many AL West teams win Wildcard play-in berths? (3 pts)

5- The top three AL West hitters by wRC+ last year (min 300 PA), per Fangraphs: Mike Trout (166 wRC+), John Jaso (143 wRC+), Jonny Gomes :( (142 wRC+). Who will be the top three this year? (2 points each). Will any Athletics make the cut? Y/N (1 point)

6- Name any five players who get enough PA/IP to qualify (for batting title/pitching awards). +1 for the first correct answer, then +1 for the 2nd, +2 for the 3rd, +3 for the 4th, and +5 for the 5th correct answer.

The Outgoing A's:

7- Cliff Pennington, the Shortstop: Guess the Over/Under/Tie on the following (2 points each): 5 HR, 500 PA, 12 SB

8- Trogdor The Burninator (Chris Carter): O/U/T: 25 HRs, 100 games started in the field, -15 FRAR (fielding runs above replacement) on the season (all positions combined). (2 pts each)

9- BMcCarthy32: O/U/T: 115 IP, 3.50 FIP, 2 Deadspin posts about stuff he said on Twitter (also 2 pts each)

The Incoming A's:

9- JASO JASO JASO JASO. humanoid is a big Jaso fan. Where does he rank, among all AL West hitters (min 300 PA) in OBP? (Reference: He was second, last year, to a slegnA with a fish name, with a .394 OBP). (3 points).

10-Who gets the GREATEST number of PA at each of the following positions: 3B, SS, and 2B. (2 points each) Does any one player get more than 500 PAs at any ONE of those positions? (2 points) Name the player (nobody is an acceptable answer) (3 points)

11- Does Hiroyuki Nakajima stick on the 25 man roster all season? (1 point).

12- 40 Man Roster Free for All: Name as many players as you wish from the Opening Day 40 Man Roster who drop off the roster, via trade, release, DFA, 60 day DL stint, etc. by July 31. (+3 for each correct; -2 for each incorrect (guessed player who is still on the 40 man)).

BIG EDIT: If somebody drops off the 40 man BEFORE Opening Day (e.g. Barton, Blackley), they DO NOT COUNT. It's who's on the roster on April 1.

You won't incur a 2 point penalty for guys who drop off the roster BEFORE opening day (so it'll just be 0 points for Barton, Blackley, etc.) because that would just be cruel and this was a late edit.

Around the Majors:

13- Manager/GM Free For All: Name as many managers and GMs you believe will get fired by the end of the regular season. +3 for each correct guess, -1 for each incorrect.

14- How many regular season wins does the team with the best record in MLB have? (3 points if exact).


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