Oakland A’s vs. Arizona Former A’s

First up: Brett Anderson has a strained trap, he’s probably okay.

How it happened:
With a runner on in the top of the first, Penny hits a ball at third but it gets through Josh Donaldson. Brett Anderson sees a play might be made and awkwardly comes over to cover. Donaldson throws to Brett and Eaton collides with him trying to go first to third. Brett leaves the game, rotating his neck. This all happens on what should have been a routine ball leaving an out and a runner at second.

Trainers reported in the late innings that he could miss a couple days to stretch it out. Fingers crossed, Anderson will still be taking the ball on opening day.

Regardless of who actually saw the field, Arizona’s lineup should have contained:
Pennington, Hinske, Ka’aihue, Chavez, Teahen (only Chavez didn’t play)
And the pitchers should have been:
MacCarthy, Cahill and Ziegler, but none of them saw action.

Mike Ekstrom was tapped to come in for an emergency start after Anderson’s two batters reached. Ekstrom gave up a run on a wild pitch and another on a single. He was probably as good a choice as any when forced to warm a guy up on short notice.

The A’s, in full-on-answer mode, having been scored on twice and losing their best pitcher, go quietly in the bottom of the first, one-two-three vs. Tyler Skaggs. At least some of the balls were well hit.

Ekstrom threw a clean inning in the top of the second. Bottom of the second inning started with Donaldson, who remembered his jersey today, eeking out an infield hit. Sizemore walks. In my ‘you always see something new’ file Korach called A’s catcher John Jaso a ‘slug bunt.’ Jaso wasn’t insulted, and hustled down the line to load the bases with no outs. Nakajima got a run back the hard way by grounding into a double play. Choice dumps a ball out to the right field line that the Arizona second baseman overruns. The ball drops fair, the run scores, Choice advances to second base where Wilson throws him out. End of inning, tie game at 2-2.

A number of A’s had nicely hit balls that Diamondback fielders took away. Predictably as I’m writing that sentence, the next batter, Jed Lowrie, pounds a two run homer over the left-center wall, scoring Coco, who had walked. Lowrie also had a run-scoring double, scoring Barton.

Colon managed to sneak onto the mound in the way only a 300 pound 40 year old can. Nice strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play to start the fifth inning. Colon was quick to the plate and Jaso had the ball at second before a stealing Wilson. For the day, Colon gave up a run in three innings, working out of a jam in the last of them, while showing good movement and control. It was 5-3 A’s by the time he was done.

Substitutions started in the top of the sixth, Parrino, Perez, and Peterson subbing the corner outfield and second base. As many as ten cuts would be made today, we’re going to start to see more and more of the opening day roster shaping up. Seth Smith would see a couple at-bats, and Moore, Montz, Sogard and Marte seeing time in the field.

Figueroa threw one and two thirds innings with Okajima following. Bottom eight: Smith had an RBI and another run would come in on a wild pitch with the bases loaded to account for the A’s final tally. Okajima would try and induce drama to the game, giving up a two run homer to Owings to straightaway center. It didn't work, all the drama was spent worrying about Brett Anderson.

Final line:
Oakland: 7 runs, 7 hits, 1 error
A’s-zona: 5 runs, 10 hits, no errors

See everyone tomorrow at 1:05PM, @ Padres. Stretch out that strain, Brett!

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