Athletics 25 Man Roster Through 2016

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This spreadsheet is adapted from what I used for the SBN Winter Meetings Sim. It’ll be useful to refer to this season.

I thought I'd throw this one up there as a discussion starter for today.  It contains all the probable 25-man roster candidates, and what the payroll looks like so far for 2014.

And here it is.  Also, please let me know if there are any errors:

25 Man Athletics Payroll 2014 2015 2016 Service Time OD 2014 Comments
Guaranteed Contracts
1 Yoenis Cespedes $10,500,000 $10,500,000 Free Agent
2 Nick Punto $3,000,000 $2,750,000 Free Agent $250K buyout
3 Scott Kazmir $11,000,000 $11,000,000 Free Agent
4 Alberto Callaspo $4,875,000 Free Agent
Hiroyuki Nakajima $2,500,000 $5,500,000 Free Agent 2015 option, $500k buyout
Payroll subtotal $31,875,000 $29,750,000 $0
Chris Young $1,500,000 2014 buyout
Kurt Suzuki $600,000 2014 buyout
Brett Anderson $2,000,000 $2M to COL as part of 12/10/13 trade
5 Coco Crisp $7,500,000 Free Agent
Payroll subtotal $11,600,000
Arbitration Eligibles MLBTR Estimates
6 Jim Johnson $10,800,000 Free Agent 5.165
7 Luke Gregerson $4,900,000 Free Agent 5
8 Craig Gentry $1,100,000 Arb2 Arb3 3.084
9 Jed Lowrie $4,800,000 Free Agent 5.111
10 Brandon Moss $3,800,000 Arb3 Arb4 3.16
11 John Jaso $2,200,000 Arb3 Free Agent 4.032
12 Josh Reddick $2,200,000 Arb2 Arb3 3.05
13 Daric Barton $1,400,000 Arb3 Free Agent 4.03
Jesse Chavez $600,000 Arb2 Arb3 3.108
Fernando Rodriguez $600,000 Arb2 Arb3 2.142
Payroll subtotal $32,400,000
Pre-Arbitration Players
14 Ryan Cook Pre-Arb3 Arb1 Arb2 2.036
15 Tom Milone Pre-Arb3 Arb1 Arb2 2.018
16 Jarrod Parker Pre-Arb3 Arb1 Arb2 2
Evan Scribner Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.088
17 Eric Sogard Pre-Arb3 Arb1 Arb2 2.064
18 Josh Donaldson Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.158
19 Fernando Abad Pre-Arb3 Arb1 Arb2 2.073
20 Sean Doolittle Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.122
21 A.J. Griffin Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.102
22 Derek Norris Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.102
23 Dan Straily Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.031
Drew Pomeranz Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.05
Nate Freiman Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1
24 Sonny Gray Pre-Arb1 Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 0.061
Josh Lindblom Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.1
25 Dan Otero Pre-Arb1 Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 0.169
Andy Parrino Pre-Arb2 Pre-Arb3 Arb1 1.02
12 players @ 500K $6,000,000
Total Payroll $ 81,875,000

The situation with Barton is unclear; he could be again offered a non-guaranteed contract and that would lower the overall payroll.  Either way, though, 2014's payroll will rival 2007's as a franchise high.

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