First Annual Best of AN Final Poll, Poster/commenter Awards and Winners! Updated sunday 11/10...

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Update, Sunday, 4:30 P.M. (when I started). Ok, I have no idea how to make a story stream; maybe the ability to do so is confined to Front Page Writers. This update will have to do, to pretty much put the final touches on our first-ever, 10th Anniversary, BEST of AN for 2013 polls! It is designed to save you from scrolling through the previous threads in order to find out what transpired...

1) Several polls had only one contestant, and the winners of same are announced below where the regular print begins.

2) In an amazing feat of serendipity and careful voting, awards were very widely distributed! (I'd pat myself on the back for designing the polls to do this that, but truly, I'm not -quite- that clever. I assign the credit to YOU, careful AN voters, for this awesome feat!

3) I feel strongly that AN is first and foremost a product of very strong Front Page writing, so I am a bit disappointed that the polls for writers weren't more active. That said, here are the results of the Writers' Awards:

  • son of ptbarnum leads EBHI 9 to 6 in the category of "Best Feature Writer".
  • Nico leads (but only by a plurality) in the category of "Best Regular Front Page Writer". If you'd rather vote for his closest competitors: Alex Hall or Alan Torres, do it soon, before I lock the responses! Or, dark horse Lev Facher is not THAT far behind!
  • Best Game Thread Manager: the tireless baseball girl wins in a landslide: 15 votes to 1 for her nearest competitors.
  • Best Game Recapper: goes to Alex Hall, 9 to 2 for his closest competitors.
  • Best FanPosts of 2013: 67MARQUEZ leads for his awesome series of looks back to playoffs of the past, 7 to 5 over jfkoo's also awesome quantification of game thread management. This is a close one, folks, and deserves your attention!
  • The Award for "Best Farm Writer" does not go to Nico, it goes to Athletics Farm, for his weekly series detailing the trials and successes of all the best-known A's farmhands.
  • son of ptbarnum is leading EBHI for the "Best Rookie Writer of the Year". It's pretty close: soptb with 8, EBHI with 4. My view is that BOTH are absolutely wonderful additions to AN!
  • There has been a tepid response to "Most Valuable AN Contributor As A Writer". Nico leads Alex by 3 to 1. My view is that this is just unacceptable, folks! These folks are the straw that stirs the drink! Without them, where would we be?!?

Now, on to the far more popular "Posters and commentators Awards"!

  • The category: "Best AN Moment (or actually, many many moments)": Two of the four nominees concern the 19-inning game, and they have collectively collected 6 votes. Grant Green Green Day has 3 votes, and AN Day has 4. VOTE!
  • wins the category, "Most Oddly Delightful Eccentric Poster of 2013" in a landslide: 10 to 3 to 2 over J.J. Miller and Trainman.
  • Torrey's Tacos' "Victory Screech" is leading "Those Shit-Ass A's" as favorite new gif/meme of 2013, 11 to 9. VOTE!
  • "Panda Goes Splat rounding 2B" is tied with "Reverse Cowgill takes out Timmeh" for favorite gif of all time. VOTE! (And then consider the fact that BOTH favorite gifs mock Gnats...)
  • SuSlu has won "Favorite Drop-In Poster of 2013" by a huge landslide! We lof you, SuSlu, keep doing what you do. We're incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated beat reporter!
  • Alan Torres, nee cuppingmaster, nee-nee Alan Torres (yes, I DO know who the fuck you are!), has won "Best Newshound (Re-tweeter division) of 2013".
  • In a rather tepid "battle", Questor is leading DaRubiesSLOKingsA's for least terse poster, 4-3. As IF DRSLOKA's handle didn't tell you all you needed to know! VOTE, please!
  • In another tepid battle, Zonis leads all other nominees (and there are a lot of them) for best "Rosterbator"... With 3 whole votes. Surely you can make a choice, AN'ers!
  • For "Best Storytelling as a Poster", 67MARQUEZ wins, hands down. The problem is that no one knows if it is good DON or evil DON.
  • We have a surprise winner going away in the category: "Most Likely to Get Into A Long Digression That Ends Up On the Far Right Side Of The Page": carp beats out Sc00by, BWH AND BFN! Quite an accomplishment, carp! Now, please rest on your laurels!
  • For "Best Game Thread Poster", pam5981 wins handily! (I must admit, I am thrilled to have tied stm at 2nd place in this OH SO IMPORTANT category...)
  • guessatomo wins for "Best Farmer of 2013"!
  • Nico wins for "Best And Worst Jokers of 2013". I wonder what would have happened if I had not included "Worst" in the category. For punsters, of course, a groan is as good as the clap...
  • Tutu-late is leading for "Most Congenial Poster of 2013". It's close: he leads "Torrance Clansworth Athletics the 91st" by 8 to 5. Bringing up the rear (hey, it's an honor to even be nominated, darnit), is Torry's Tacos.
  • There were a HUGE number of nominations for "The Bobby Crosby Memorial Rookie Poster Of the Year Award for 2013". MehranTheGreat has double the votes of several others, with 6 votes.
  • danmerqury has won the category of "Most Erudite And Knowledgeable About Pretty Much Everything, Baseball Or Not" for 2013. Better luck next time, iglew!
  • For QOTY, Torrey's Tacos had an early lead with "Good Things Happen When I Take A Poop", but it was finally bested by the inspired by the heat of the moment VoiceOffCamera's "Torry's Tacos can't win MVP. His shit doesn't work in the playoffs". !
  • danmerqury has a lead in tepid voting for "2013 AN Contributor Of The Year".

OK, you know the drill: please wait until I've built the categories and the nominees and have announced, via a comment which says "Done!", that the poll is completely set up. Then, just REC your faves under each category.

We have some winners already, because SOME categories were so obvious that DUH!

I'm pleased to announce the following completely uncontroversial winners:

For "Most Knowledgeable About Sabermetrics", the winner and only nominee is danmerqury. Duh! Keep up the good work, dan! Your insider knowledge is EXTREMELY VALUABLE to those of us who care about how all this stuff is put together.

For "Most Argumentative About Stuff That Actually Matters (In the real, non-baseball world)" the only nominee and winner is Ben Folds' Nuts. Keep fighting the good fight, BFN!

For "Best and/or Worst Punster" the only nominee and winner is the goatherd and blogfather, Nico. He'll be here all week.

For "Most Stylish AN'er", the only nominee is the unique MehranTheGreat and his Zubaz!

Tutu-late wins for "Most likely to REC a Fuck The Giants Comment" of course...

Some of the polls for the various Best Front Page Writers are landslides:

Congratulations to the tireless baseballgirl for not only bringing home the most winning games and managing the most threads by a long-shot, but also for winning the "Best Game Thread Manager" poll by a unanimous set of 12 REC's.

Congratulations are also due to Athletics Farm for his weekly "Down On The Farm" series, compiling the statistics of the most interesting and productive of the A's Farmhands! It wasn't quite unanimous, but 10/1/0/0 is a mighty fine slash line!

We have spirited competition for the following writer awards at this moment:

  • "Best Feature Writers of 2013"
  • "Best Regular Front Page Writers of 2013"
  • "Best Game Recapper" (Alex Hall has a lead but is only 50% of all votes)
  • "Best Fanposts of 2013" (67MARQUEZ has a slight majority of the votes)
  • "Rookie Writer of the Year" (son of ptbarnum has a strong lead, but I have not yet ruled out a late comeback by fans of EBHI)
  • NO ONE has yet been nominated as AN Most Valuable Contributor of the Year, Writer's division! If you have strong feelings about this category, please make a nomination by visiting The Round 2 Fanpost!
  • And, of course, if you have strong feelings about any of the categories above which remain undecided in the polls, please go the same link and cast your REC's!

Let me now present Round III of the First Annual AN Posters and Commentators of the Year, 2013!

It is of course inevitable that I have inadvertently (or, less likely, out of spite) left out numerous worthy nominees. If any such should occur to YOU, kind reader, simply reply to the category with your nomination!

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