2013 Best of AN Awards

"And the trophy for 'worst hair in a braid' goes to...Lori!!!!!" -Cindi - Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Hall has just written a front page article about "Athletics Nation Best of 2013 Awards". I read that as a (very fun) awards post about the best stuff that happened on AN during 2013, as did the first two posters.

It was not the case, though. Instead, Alex was posting about the AN Moderators/Front Page staff's awards for the best of the A's in various categories. As good as it was, the title led to a brainstorm:

What if we did a "Best of AN 2013 Award"?

That is, we select categories to nominate posters on AN whose posts/comments are the best in each category, and then have votes as to who wins each category.

I propose a mix of sincere and tongue-in-cheek categories, with a 3-part round robin. First, these are my proposals for categories. You can rec them- I would advise against flagging them, since enough flags leads to certain automatic problems that might lead to the whole post going dark. Those that receive NO rec's might STILL be in the final poll, because I am writing this, and if I like them, they might still get posted. You can also add your own categories, and those that get most rec'd will definitely be in the final poll:

  • "Best Front Page Writer"
  • "Best Fanpost of the Year"
  • "Most Relentlessly Negative While Not Getting Banned (Mad fly hunnies/Kiwi division)"
  • "Worst Puns/Jokes"
  • "QOTY, by month"?
  • "Most Long-winded"
  • "Best Rosterbator"
  • "Best Storyteller Commenter"
  • "Most Argumentative About Stuff That Actually Matters"
  • "Most Likely To Get Into a Long Digression That Ends Up On The Right Side Of The Page"
  • "Most Erudite and Worldly (or Knowledgeable About Things Other Than Baseball)"
  • "Most Knowledgeable About Sabermetrics"
  • "Best Game Threader"
  • "Best Game Thread Manager"
  • "Best Lounge Lizard"
  • "Most likely to REC a FUCK THE GIANTS! comment."

Once you folks give me feedback on this we’ll have a post listing the categories and asking AN’ers to make nominations. I’ll construct it like I think would work best. That is, I’ll list the categories, and then for each category, I’ll start a topic thread: "Best Game Threader", and people can respond. The most rec’s for a response leads to that (top 5, likely) AN’ers inclusion on the final post, which will consist of a series of votes.

What do you think? I just want to keep it light and fun, not mean!

Update, Wed. 9 a.m.: Just a heads up. I have a very busy day today so I won't be able to post the poll until at least tomorrow, most likely. Rec and nominate!

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