GOG 2013 - #00 Preseason Scoring and Final Leaderboard

And but so, the 2013 GOG season comes to a glorious end, with a glorious finish. For the brave few who stuck it out through the entire year, the rewards were great. But none greater than for two-time champion Athletix Man, who is matching each A's division title with a title of his own. Special appreciation for longtimeasfan, who led the pack for a ways, but never managed to pull away and ultimately was done in by Bob Melvin's refusal to play his scrubs down the stretch. Other props go to CmdrKhraanik, Torrey's Tacos, Cartwright, and weenmAN, for all of the GOGs they wrote over the course of the season. Much love to King Richard, who missed a few early GOGs and thus gave the rest of us a chance to win; and to twinkle toes, whose persistence kept her within striking distance. There were no Astros, Marlins, or Twins this GOG-season. Everyone is a winner!

In other news, folks might be interested in returning to their pre-season predictions in the March, 2013 GOG #00, brought to us by humanoid7. You can't post new comments on that thread, but feel free to score yourself here, reposting your answers if you like. But first, the Final Leaderboard:

1. Athletix Man – 914
2. longtimeasfan – 894
3. Cartwright – 882
4. paris7 – 860
5. Torrey’s Tacos – 846
6. King Richard – 841
7. CmdrKhraanik – 823
8. twinkle toes – 816
9. weenmAN – 809

We also lost some good friends along the way, including not only humanoid, but also Scotty J, Punchy, buddahead9, my_cat_max, and ajangier.

Now, here are the GOG #00 questions, along with what I think are the correct answers, though others should feel free to correct me.

I. How the West Was Won:

1. What is the A's 2013 Win Total? 96 Wins [5 points exact, 3 for +/- 1 win, 2 for +/- 3 wins].

2. Guess the Final AL West Standings: A’s (96) – Texas (91) – Angels (78) – M’s (71) – Astros (51) [2 points each]. How many wins takes the West? 96 Wins [2 points].

3. By how many games is the West won? 5 Games [3 points]. Guess the game number (1-162), which clinches the division. Clinch in Game 156 (+/- 1 ok for #'s 155, 156, 157) [3 points if +/- 1; Tiebreakers count as 163, 164, etc.].

* Technically, it was mid-game in #156 when Texas lost, of course.

4. How many AL West teams win Wildcard play-in berths? 0 Teams (Tuck Fexas) [3 points)

5. The top three AL West hitters by wRC+ last year (min 300 PA), per Fangraphs: Mike Trout (166 wRC+), John Jaso (143 wRC+), Jonny Gomes :( (142 wRC+). Who will be the top three this year? Trout (174), Donaldson (147), Moss (137) [2 points each]. Will any Athletics make the cut? Yes!! [1 point].

6. Name any five players who get enough PA/IP to qualify (for batting title/pitching awards): Donaldson (668 PAs), Lowrie (662), Crisp (584), Cespedes (574), Moss (505), Griffin (200.0 IP), Parker (197.0), Colon (190.1) [+1 for the first correct answer, then +1 for the 2nd, +2 for the 3rd, +3 for the 4th, and +5 for the 5th correct answer].

II. The Outgoing A's:

7. Cliff Pennington, the Shortstop: Guess the Over/Under/Tie on the following: Under 5 HR (1) / Under 500 PA (299) / Under 12 SB (2) [2 points each].

8. Trogdor The Burninator (Chris Carter): O/U/T: Over 25 HRs (29) / Under 100 games started in the field (96) / Over -15 FRAR (-8.9) (fielding runs above replacement) on the season (all positions combined) [2 points each].

* I am pretty sure that -8.9 counts as "over -15.0" for FRAR.

9. BMcCarthy32: O/U/T: Over 115 IP (135) / Over 3.50 FIP (3.75) / Under 2 Deadspin posts about stuff he said on Twitter (1) [also 2 points each].

* Brandon McCarthy does not take kindly to Mitch Williams

III. The Incoming A's:

9. (Yeah, another 9. You got a problem with that?) JASO JASO JASO JASO. humanoid is a big Jaso fan. Where does he rank, among all AL West hitters (min 300 PA) in OBP? (Reference: He was second, last year, to a slegnA with a fish name, with a .394 OBP). Jaso #5 in OBP (.387), though he himself did not reach 300 PAs, with only 249 [3 points].

10. Who gets the GREATEST number of PA at each of the following positions: 3B - Donaldson (658) / SS - Lowrie (507) / 2B - Sogard (353) [2 points each]. Does any one player get more than 500 PAs at any ONE of those positions? Yes, more than 500 at a position [2 points]. Name the player (nobody is an acceptable answer) Donaldson & Lowrie [3 points].

11. Does Hiroyuki Nakajima stick on the 25 man roster all season? Ha ha ha ha.... No! [1 point].

12. 40 Man Roster Free for All: Name as many players as you wish from the Opening Day 40 Man Roster who drop off the roster, via trade, release, DFA, 60 day DL stint, etc. by July 31. Josh Stinson (April 3, DFA) Sizemore (April 22, 60-day); Norberto (May 8, release), Resop (May 17, DFA), Anderson (June 14, 60-day), Rosales (July 8 & July 31, DFA), Green (July 31, trade) [+3 for each correct; -2 for each incorrect (i.e., guessed player who is still on the 40 man)].

* I am pretty sure this is the list that corresponds to the April 1 roster, but could be wrong. Note that Barton & Blackley were dropped before April 1 and do not count, either for or against your score.

IV. Around the Majors:

13. Manager/GM Free For All: Name as many managers and GMs you believe will get fired by the end of the regular season. Charlie Manuel, ha ha ha!!. [+3 points for each correct guess, -1 for each incorrect].

* My understanding is that Larry Beinfest wasn't GM but President of Operations; and, Eric Wedge's resignation - not a firing? - was not official until after season's end.

14. How many regular season wins does the team with the best record in MLB have? 97 (Red Sox & Cards) [3 points].

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