Off-Season Moves and a Complete Team

For the first time in a long time, our Oakland Athletics are a complete team. After every season, I study and research all the off season moves that will be needed to make the A's whole again. There is always an issue here and there, always something that is in dire need of fixing.

Not this time. I carefully evaluated the team, who's staying, who's going, and who's coming up. It's safe to say the A's have a completely well rounded and solid team. Of course we can always use some upgrades, and I am sure Beane will be plenty busy over the next few months, but we are not desperate, and don't have a burning need to obtain any player or position. You can see my explanation and position breakdown below:

C: With Jaso coming back, and Norris staying put, Suzuki is gone. There is no way we pick up his option and pay him $8.5mm as a backup catcher. The platoon of Jaso and Norris was great in the 1st half of the year, and should continue to be great in 2014.

1B: The burning question of whether Moss was the real deal or not was answered this season. He is extremely real. We can absolutely use him as our starting 1B for most games. Of course, who to platoon him with if we really wanted to? Nate Freiman will of course be retained, but better yet we could even look at free agency to get a platoon mate. Maybe Corey Hart, injury history will make him cheap, and his upside is astronomical, a perfect righty to match with Moss. Or we could look at a trade. I hear KC is shopping Butler. Both Butler and Hart could also DH. Those are just some ideas, but even without any new additions at 1B, Moss is our solid and welcomed option.

2B: As much as I love Sogards defense, its the offensive department that we have trouble with there. So lets not forget that we still have Callaspo. Yes, that's right, we still have Callaspo under contract for 2014, and his switch hitting is our perfect 2B starter. Sure I would love Cano, or any other elite 2B, but again, we have no dire need for that slot.

3B: Donaldson. No explanation needed.

SS: Lowrie. See above.

IF: Let's not forget about Sizemore coming back. He can slot in at 2b or 3b, thus providing us even more depth.

OF: Here is where things get interesting. We will buy Young out and let him walk, as his $11mm salary for next year is not justified by pretty much anything. The good news is, we have his righty hitting OF replacement already ready. That man is Michael Choice. Of course Choice only played in 9 games, but his .278 BA suggests that his skill will rise as he gets more seasoned. It doesn't hurt to have him as a bench guy at all, to takeover when one of our starters needs a rest. That being said, we already have a full outfield with Cespedes, Crisp, Reddick, Smith, and Choice. Let's also not forget about Moss, who can play in the OF, while Barton is at 1B. If one OF falters, another will always be ready. No need to go shopping there.

DH: Whoever we want really. Of course I would love an addition of an elite hitter who will DH almost every game. But, to be honest, we don't necessarily need one. We have Smith, Reddick, Cespedes, Moss, maybe even Choice available to us for the DH slot.

SP: I am on the fence about Colon. With or without him, we still have Gray, Parker, Griffin, Straily, and Milone. Yes I would love to add 1 more amazing SP, but that rotation above, even without Colon is still a Top 5 AL rotation.

RP: We are most likely going to lose Balfour. It is almost inevitable. Yes, we may shed some tears, but then we will move on. Our bullpen will look like this without any additions: Cook, Doolittle, Blevins, Otero, Chavez, Anderson, maybe even Neshek. Regardless, look at that bullpen.

There you have it. The entire 2014 A's roster, and not a dollar extra spent on any additions. The team is complete how it is. Realistically there will most likely be some additions and loses, but mainly for depth, maybe adding another SP, RP, 1B, DH. But again, there really isn't much need. Every position is filled with talent already. There are finally no holes.

A no change A's team:

C: Jaso/Norris

1B: Moss/Barton/Freiman

2B: Callaspo/Sizemore/Sogard?

3B: Donaldson/Sizemore

SS: Lowrie

OF: Cespedes/Crisp/Reddick/Smith/Choice/Moss

SP: Gray/Parker/Griffin/Straily/Milone

RP: Cook/Doolittle/Blevins/Otero/Chavez/Anderson

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