Reverse the Curse of Jeter! Let's Do It!

(This is meant to be sarcastic, but might as well have a little fun. If Boston did it, why can't we?)

Night time had fallen. The day: October 13, 2001. The Oakland A's were on the verge of sweeping the New York Yankees, and it looked all but certain that they would face either the Cleveland Indians or the Seattle Mariners in the ALCS.

The A's were down 1-0. Bottom of the 7th. Jeremy Giambi at first, and Terrance Long at the plate. Mike Mussina was scuffling the A's that night, but the A's were looking to build momentum. Terrance Long doubled, Jeremy Giambi was running as fast as he could, and he was being waved home. The throw by Shane Spencer missed 2 cutoff men, it looked all but tied! But wait.... what the heck? Jeter positions himself perfectly, and throws out Giambi, who would have been safe had he slid! You know the rest of the story.

Since that infamous play, the A's have:

*Lost 6 LDS, with all but one of them (2012) the A's having a chance to knock off the opposing team.

*Have only once went to the LCS (2006), to be swept by, guess who? the Detroit Tigers.

*Disappointed the fanbase year after year with another playoff letdown.

*Still yet to win a World Series since 1989.

What must we do to reverse this curse?

Perhaps this might work:

*Go to the Golden Gate Bridge, and dump the following caps into the Bay waters: Yankees, Twins, Red Sox, and Tigers, all the teams the A's have lost to in the playoffs, and proudly wave an A's flag.

*Hiring professional exorcists and perhaps Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) to "purify" the Coliseum.

*Climb the top of Mt. Whitney (the highest point in California), and once at the summit, burn the caps of the Yankees, Twins, Red Sox, Tigers, and put an A's cap on top.

*Find a piano owned by Derek Jeter and destroy it in the Port of Oakland.

*Host a comedy concert at the Coliseum (okay, maybe the Oracle will do), and have a witch doctor "purifying" and eliminating ghost characters dressed as Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Eddie Guardado, the guy Tim Hudson got into a fight with in a Boston bar, Justin Verlander, and Jhonny Peralta.

*Perhaps, we must fall 2 games behind the Yankees in the LDS, play 2 in New York, get a 1-0 lead, have Derek Jeter run into the same play he did back in 2001, and turn the tables! Foolproof!

I sincerely believe that there is a curse haunting the Oakland Athletics, and it was caused by Derek Jeter. It shall not leave unless we do our best to reverse it. We can't sit around and cry why our team keeps letting us down in the playoffs, no! It's clear we must do our best, whatever it takes, to Reverse the Curse! No sitting around guys! Next year is now!

(If anyone took this seriously at all in any way, this was pure sarcasm. Simply some good ol' satire needed in the darkest of times)

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