How the pitching is set up for the playoffs, and how it should be.

Right now the rotation is set up as Straily, Milone, Parker, Blackley, Griffin and will look like this to end the season assuming we are a WC team with no ties. (big assumption, but the most likely outcome at this point). If we stay on rotation, and use 4 starters in playoffs, Blackley out.




160- Parker


162- Griffin


Off day


WC- Straily 6th day

Off day

(g.1) Milone 7th day

(g.2) Parker 7th day

off day

(g3) Griffin 7th day

(g4) Straily 6th day

(g5) Milone 5th day


THIS IS NOT IDEAL, Straily is our 4th best choice, fifth if Anderson makes it back.

I want Griffin for any 163, if not Milone could do it on regular rest, but Straily would be my last choice of the 4 starters.

Ideally If we have clinched a W.C. by 161, but no chance at Division, which again, has the greatest possibility,

I say we skip Griffin one turn and skip Straily completely. This will allow us our best possible pitcher for the WC game. This also allows for our two best pitchers to pitch 3 games in the best of 5 series.


162, if we clinched WC but can't win the Division, Jose Canseco can pitch 9 inn. for all I care

Off Day Thursday

WC, Griffin 7th day

Off Day Saturday


Game 1- Parker. 6th day.

Game 2- Milone 7th day@ Oak

Off Day Tuesday

Game 3- Straily 10th day or perhaps Anderson by now.

Game 4- Griffin on 6th day

Game 5- Parker,with regular rest


If there is a play in game:

Game 163 to play as WC or Division winner, it's means 162 was meaningful and they need to stay on rotation by pitching Griffin in 162. That would put Straily as 163, Milone as WC, and a lineup of Parker (g1), Griffin (g2) Straily, Milone, Parker. In this scenario, let's hope Anderson could pitch 163.

There is also the chance a 162 win gives us WC1 and home field, but a 162 loss still gets us WC2. I say we potentially sacrifice home field by saving Griffin for the WC game and giving ourselves the best chance to win the next round.

This gave me a bit of a headache to write. I guess there are too many scenario's to go over 100% but in the most likely one, us playing a WC game, we should use Griffin if possible. If not, skip Straily and go with Milone. A healthy Anderson would let us skip Straily and his 5.99 FIP completely in the next round. I can't find the attach poll button* anymore so you will have to agree/ disagree in the comments.

*(couldn't you have waited till after the season to switch formats, wild guess that traffic is down)


My best to worst:

Parker, Griffin, Milone, Straily, Blackley

If Anderson comes back, I put him as #3 on his first start

If Colon, not Anderson, comes back, I put him #4 on his first start.

If all back and heathy,

Anderson, then Parker


Colon Rd. and Milone Hm.

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