GOG #45: Nine and Counting, Now up the team from So.Cal with an identity crisis.


Probable Pitchers

Fangraphs A's

1- Series Outcome: 3 games (3 points) +1 for a correct guess of a sweep

2- Melvin Tinkering: Name a Position Melvin starts multiple players at in the series (1 point) Name the correct players for that position (2 points)

3- Drewwww: Our new shortstop is heating up. Guess his PA/H/XBH/BB/K (2 points each/10 possible) Does he bat in the same spot in the order all 3 games, yes or no? (1 Point)

4- Homer Town: A's hit 9 homers in the series against Boston. How many do they hit against the Angels? (3 points) Name a player that homers for the A's? (1 Point) Name any player that has multiple homers in the series (3 points for correct player 2 points for a correct guess of no one)

5- Bigger rosters: Rosters just expanded Saturday but do they keep going. Does either team call up a player from the minors during the series? Yes/No. Must be after the first pitch of game 1. (2 Points) Name one player that's called up? (5 points for correct guess, 3 points if correct guess of no one called up)

6- Division Leaders: All 3 A.L. Divisions can have different leaders after this series. Do the division leaders stay the same (as of first pitch) or do they change? If a second team ties for first place, this is considered changed. (3 points) Name an A.L. team that sweeps there series ending on Wednesday (2 points) No one is an okay guess.

7- Around the Horn: (2 points each)

A. Name one A's player that has the best WPA in a game?

B. Name the A's Reliever that throws the most pitches?

C. Name an A's position player that see's no playing time? (Inge not allowed)

D. Guess the attendance for the series and be within 4k.?

E. Guess the last A's player to have an at bat this series?

F. Do the River Cats win their final regular season game of the season?

G. Give yourself 2 points for attending at least one game. If you can't get to a game you can earn the points by either watching or listening to all games, Missing up to 3 innings of the series because of work or life is ok but nothing more. Be honest it's only 2 points.

(52 Possible Points)

Labor Day Special. Game time is 1:05 Monday, get your answers in before then.

(Minus 10 points if your screen name is considered a famous city in France) I Kid

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