GOG # 48 - Battle of the Outta Nowheres (Orioles @ Athletics)

Don't feel sad too long about today's loss b/c the other hottest team in baseball rolls into town tomorrow night...

First Things First:

Do your homework


Athletics Fangraphs Page


Orioles Fangraphs Page

Camden Chat

Probable Pitchers:


1. Series outcome (3 pts)

2. Rookie sensations - Manny Machado is theirs, Yoenis Cespedes remains ours Josh Donaldson will have to do for us (because Cespedes has a sprained wrist and is day-to-day).

For both, predict for the series: PA / XBH / RBI / BB / K (2 pts each, 20 possible)

How many around-the-horn (5-4-3 or 5-6-3) double plays begun by Machado and Donaldson combined during the series? (1 pt)

[Note: the DP doesn't have to be one listed, those are just the traditional ones; but does have to be a DP started by Donaldson or Machado while playing 3B, and must go to 2B and onto 1B for the outs - i.e., a line out DP does not count for this question]

3. Bullpens - For the series and for each team predict:

total innings pitched by bullpens / total number of pitches thrown by bullpens / total K's recorded by each bullpen

(2 pts each; for # of pitches thrown by bullpens, you get points if you're +/- 3)

4. Moss v. Carter

Does Trogdor get a start (at any position) this series? Do either Moss or Carter commit an error while playing 1B this series? (1 pt each)

Predict for each, for the series: PA / HR / RBI (2 pts each, 12 possible)

5. WPA all STARZ edition -

Who from each team records the highest WPA for each game? Need not be listed Moss & Weiters - game 1; just name a player for each team you think will have the highest WPA for a game; same player can be listed more than once, just note it in your guess (par example, Cespedes x2)

Who for each team records the highest WPA for the series?

(2 pts each, 16 pts possible)

6. Odds & ends -

a) how many times do they A's wear the gold uniforms this series? (1 pt)

b) how many pinch hitters for the series (both teams, combined)? (1 pt)

c) how many pinch runners for the series (both teams, combined)? (1 pt)

d) total number of caught stealing for the series (both teams, combined) (1 pt)

e) guess total attendance for the series (2 pts if +/- 5000, 5 pts if +/- 1000)

7. Finally, predict the top five in the AL WC standings in correct order at the end of all baseball gamesSunday. If there 's a tie, no penalty so long as the teams that are tied are in the correct order of the standings.

Current standings are:

OAK / NYY / LAA / TB / DET (2 pts)

And how many games back are the Athletics from the Rangers at the end of all games Sunday (currently 3.5) ? (1 pt)

GO A'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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