2012 GOG #38 - Athletics @ ChiSox - ANSWERS POSTED




South Side Sox

1. Series outcome (3 games, 3 points)

2. McCarthy, we've missed you. He'll start for the first time since June 19. Predict his IP / H / ER / BB / K (2 pts each). Additionally, predict his Game Score (2 pts if you guess +/- 3; 10 pts if exact).

3. 1B vs 1B. Carter has been the man for the A's lately, and while Konerko is the primary Pale Hose 1B, he may be out for the series with a concussion. Predict for Carter H / HR / BB / RBI (2 pts each). Does anyone else start at 1B for the A's (1 pt)? If yes, who (1 pt)?

For the Sox, name one player, other than Konerko, who gets a start at 1B (one point if that player starts at least one game at 1B) If you think that Konerko is not concussed and will play, you may say, "nobody" to earn a point. Predict for the Sox first basemen, any and all, H / HR / BB / RBI (2 pts each).

4. WPA - Starz and Goatz addition. Guess the three players for each team with both the highest WPA for the series and the lowest WPA for the series (2 pts for each correct guess, but you lose 2 points for any player(s) you guess will be a Star and is actually a Goat and vice versa - Straz / Goatz applies only to three highest and lowest WPA for each team).

5. Road Woe-ier. Milone sports a 5.77 ERA on the road, has given up 17 HRs in 12 games started, and opponents are hiting .313 against him in their home parks. Guess the over and under for Milone in game two: 6IP, 4ER, 2BB, 2HR, 5K (2 pts each). Does he get a W, L, or ND (1 pt)?

6. Closer conundrum. Cook hasn't looked, specifically, too good lately, having given up 9 runs in his last 10 appearances (don't sue me if that isn't true; I lifted the stat from Chris Townsend's post-game reactionary-ism and haven't looked it up. But it feels true). Does Cook get a save opportunity this series - Y or N? Does another Athletic get a save opp - Y or N? If you guess Y, name one player who gets a save opportunity. How many saves do the Athletics, as a team, record the series - zero to three? Any blown save for the A's? (1 pt each)

I know virtually nothing about the Chi Sox closer, Addison Reed, except he sounds like he went to private school and that he's 20 for 23 in save opportunities. How many save opportunities for Reed in this series - zero to three? Do the A's score on him - Y or N? (1 pt each)

7. Potpourri

a) Over / under for A's hitters' strikeouts this series - 15 (1 pt)

b) Over / under for total HRs, both teams, this series - 10 (1 pt)

c) Does Cespedes get an infield hit and a HR in the series? (1 pt)

d) Any batter on the A's hit an opposite field HR? If so, who? (1 pt, 5 pts if correct guess)

e) Any pitchers from either team pitch a complete game? If yes, who? (1 pt, 5 pts if correct guess)

f) How many starts at SS for Pennington? Assuming he gets a start, does he get a hit? (1 pt each)

c'est tous for now - happy GOG'ing!

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