The Secret Life of Bud Selig, August 2012 edition

I haven't seen a fanpost or fanshot about this; if there's an AN version of this story pending today mods are welcome to hide or delete this post as you all think appropriate. I enjoy (well, appreciate) reading A's stadium/move discussions here and have been looking for one about these stories.

Apparently, Bud Selig and the "committee" designated to mediate/stall/cramdown a solution on the A's and Giants visited Oakland and San Jose over the past few days for "secret" meetings with government leaders.

Now, seeing it in Matier and Ross doesn't generally comport with what I think of as "secret", but that's probably par for the course for Bud. I suppose the story didn't come out until the weekend, so maybe that's what made it secret. And presumably it was strategically leaked by someone (given the tone of this particular article, pro-Oakland people/forces) like virtually all of the stories about this saga have been.

There's a similar account of the meetings on CSN Bay Area; you can read the two versions for yourselves but the meetings are reported by M&R to have been:

In Oakland:

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, City Administrator Deanna Santana, City Council President Larry Reid, Alameda County Board of Supervisors President Nate Miley, County Administrator Susan Muranishi, plus a delegation of high-profile ballpark boosters led by Clorox CEO Don Knauss and developer Mike Guilmetti [...] this meeting focused on a waterfront ballpark - most likely at Howard Terminal at the Port of Oakland.

In San Jose:

The blue-ribbon committee also met a day earlier with San Jose officials about the status of their ballpark plans.

Ironically, the San Jose visit came just as state Controller John Chiang dispatched a team of auditors to determine, among other things, if the San Jose Redevelopment Agency properly spent $25 million last year to assemble an A's ballpark site after Gov. Jerry Brown had ordered such agencies disbanded.If auditors determine there was any wrongdoing, San Jose could be ordered to sell off the ballpark property to the highest bidder - which would be a real curveball to any A's move.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed declined to say what was discussed with the baseball committee, but did tell us he's not worried about the A's losing their option for the ballpark site.

Whether staying in Oakland is a good thing or a bad thing for the city and the A's, if that is the direction in which Bud and his committee intend to push, since no financing plan or EIR have been done yet at the very least it implies there's no imminent resolution.

I'm not normally a fan of Ray Ratto, but his opinion piece on CSN summed this "news" up pretty well. He notes that this is the closest thing to actual evidence that a committee indeed exists, and the first report of it taking action towards finding facts that could go in a report someday. And confirmation that it has a blue-ribbon attached!

And the possibilities remain seemingly endless. The A’s move to San Jose and tell baseball to stop them. The A’s get permission to move to San Jose, and the Giants pitch a nutty. They A’s don’t get permission, and John Fisher sells. The A’s don’t get permission and John Fisher keeps cashing revenue sharing checks. The A’s build in Oakland. The A’s stay in the Coliseum and complain about it until we are all long and safely dead.

In the meantime, the new is the old, and the old is the new. Fact-finding after 40 months – people get masters degrees in less time, and they have to produce lots of work that people can see.

There's also a third possibility I think... the A's are enjoying some success again, and maybe that can translate into some leverage for them as it did for the 49ers in finally pushing their stadium project along.

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