2012 GOG #37: "I see fallen Angels, when I try to go to sleep" Answers posted




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WAS vs HOU probables

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GOG #36 vs Toronto

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1. Series outcome (3 games) [3 points]

2. Starz and Goatz: High roller edition. Name as many players as you want (either team) who will have a positive cumulative WPA for the series. You can name as few or as many players as you like, but here's the catch: for every correct guess, you get 2 points. If you guess ANY player that gets a negative WPA, you get 0 points for this question. If a player doesn't play in the series, or ends up with a WPA of zero, it doesn't count for or against you. [100 points]

3. Bartolo Colon is set to take the mound Tuesday night against his old team. Arguably his best season with the Halos came in 2005 when he finished with a 21-8 record (!), with 1.1 home runs per nine innings, 1.7 walks per nine innings, and a strike out to walk ratio of 3.65, which was good enough to earn the AL Cy Young award. Think those numbers are good? Well so far in 2012, at the ripe old age of 39, Bartolo is throwing 1.0 HR/9, 1.4 BB/9, and 3.86 SO/BB. He's also averaging 2.47 runs per game this year, compared to 2.61 in '05. How many IP/H/ER/BB/pitches (+/-3) for Colon? [3 points each]

4. After a great start that ended with dessert late Friday night, Dan Straily tries again for his first win. Moving up through the farm system, Dan continued to improve the further he progressed, going from a 4.32 ERA in Kane County in 2010, to a 1.36 in a quick stop with Sacramento this year. Do the Angels have enough video to figure Straily out? Predict his IP/H/ER [3 points each] Which A's pitcher relieves Straily? (none is a possible answer) [5 points]

5. Kurt Suzuki is reunited with battery-mate Gio Gonzalez Wednesday night as the Nationals take on the Astros in Houston. How many AB/H/BB/K for Kurt in the first three games of that series? [2 points each] How many runners does he catch stealing in those three games? [2 points] For Gio on Wednesday night, predict whether the following stats are above or below his 2012 season average: 4.5 H/game / 2.2 ER/game / 2.4 BB/game [1 point each]

6. For me personally, the best story of this fairytale season has been the long-awaited emergence of Chris Carter. Chris' ML batting average is currently double what it was last season. Does Carter start all three games this series? [2 points] Guess his AB/H/XBH/ER RBI for the series [2 points each]

7. Scoreboard watching, A's style. Just getting to the playoffs would be amazing for the A's, but screw the wild card, I want the division. Currently the A's are sitting 5.5 games behind the Rangers for the west. While the A's are hosting Anaheim, the Rangers are visiting Boston for three games. How many games back are the A's in the West after Wednesday's action? [3 points if right on, 1 point if 1/2 game either side] Currently, the Tigers and A's hold the two wild card spots. After Wednesday, does any team other than the A's or Tigers hold either one of the wild cards? [1 point]


1. 2-1 A's [3 points]

2. See below. The first three columns are for each game; the column on the right is the one that counts.

3. 7.0 IP / 4 H / 0 ER / 0 BB / 93 pitches (90-96 OK) [3 points each]

4. 4.2 IP / 8 H / 5 ER / Jordan Norberto [ 3/ 3/ 3/ 5]

5. Kurt: 7 AB / 2 H / 1 BB / 1 K / 0 CS // G!o: Over (9H) / Over (3ER) / Under (2BB) [2 points each for Kurt; 1 point each for Gio)

6. Yes, starts every game // 10 AB / 4 H / 2 XBH / 2 RBI [ 2 points each]

7. 5.5 games back / Because I failed to see that a tie was a very real possibility, everyone get a point for the second part [ 3 or 1, then 1 point]

Grant Balfour -0.002 -0.002 Grant Balfour
Travis Blackley 0.001 0.001 Travis Blackley
Jerry Blevins 0.000 Jerry Blevins
Bartolo Colon 0.202 0.202 Bartolo Colon
Ryan Cook 0.028 0.028 Ryan Cook
Sean Doolittle 0.037 0.037 Sean Doolittle
Pedro Figueroa 0.009 0.009 Pedro Figueroa
Tommy Milone 0.000 Tommy Milone
Pat Neshek 0.004 0.024 0.028 Pat Neshek
Jordan Norberto 0.037 0.037 Jordan Norberto
Jarrod Parker -0.109 -0.109 Jarrod Parker
Evan Scribner 0.000 Evan Scribner
Dan Straily -0.39 -0.390 Dan Straily
George Kottaras 0.062 0.062 George Kottaras
Derek Norris 0 0.069 0.069 Derek Norris
Chris Carter -0.063 0.087 0.172 0.196 Chris Carter
Brandon Inge 0.035 -0.037 -0.023 -0.025 Brandon Inge
Brandon Moss 0.015 0.031 0.046 Brandon Moss
Adam Rosales -0.009 -0.009 Adam Rosales
Eric Sogard -0.122 -0.122 Eric Sogard
Jemile Weeks -0.082 0.021 -0.01 -0.071 Jemile Weeks
Yoenis Cespedes 0.076 0.218 0.294 Yoenis Cespedes
Coco Crisp -0.089 -0.015 0.263 0.159 Coco Crisp
Jonny Gomes -0.061 0.101 0.040 Jonny Gomes
Josh Reddick -0.038 0.004 0.04 0.006 Josh Reddick
Cliff Pennington 0.011 0.011 Cliff Pennington
David Carpenter -0.009 -0.009 David Carpenter
Ernesto Frieri 0.000 Ernesto Frieri
Zack Greinke -0.205 -0.205 Zack Greinke
Dan Haren 0.000 Dan Haren
LaTroy Hawkins -0.578 -0.578 LaTroy Hawkins
Jason Isringhausen 0.01 0.010 Jason Isringhausen
Kevin Jepsen 0.005 0.005 Kevin Jepsen
Ervin Santana 0.000 Ervin Santana
Hisanori Takahashi 0 0.002 0.002 Hisanori Takahashi
Jered Weaver 0.405 0.405 Jered Weaver
Jerome Williams 0 0.000 Jerome Williams
C.J. Wilson -0.288 -0.288 C.J. Wilson
Chris Iannetta 0.027 -0.035 -0.008 Chris Iannetta
Bobby Wilson -0.036 -0.036 Bobby Wilson
Alberto Callaspo -0.021 -0.035 -0.021 -0.077 Alberto Callaspo
Maicer Izturis -0.022 -0.022 Maicer Izturis
Howard Kendrick -0.134 0.044 -0.090 Howard Kendrick
Kendrys Morales 0.076 -0.051 0.38 0.405 Kendrys Morales
Albert Pujols -0.093 -0.039 -0.043 -0.175 Albert Pujols
Andrew Romine 0.000 Andrew Romine
Peter Bourjos -0.002 0 -0.002 Peter Bourjos
Torii Hunter 0.039 0.01 0.104 0.153 Torii Hunter
Mike Trout 0.139 -0.044 -0.054 0.041 Mike Trout
Mark Trumbo -0.056 0.019 -0.061 -0.098 Mark Trumbo
Vernon Wells -0.001 0 -0.001 Vernon Wells
Erick Aybar 0.12 -0.004 -0.048 0.068 Erick Aybar
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