Though I am mostly content to lurk (hence the handle, although somehow creepier than I had intended), I've been madly speculating on who the A's might bring up starting Sept. 1. How much help is available, do you think? I have my own ideas, but mostly I prefer your collective ones so let's hear it — who gets the call? How many players can the A's realistically use, anyway? I don't like the notion of stripping the RiverCats of their own playoff hopes, but then that's kinda what AAA is for in the ideal scenario so I guess they'll make due just fine.

OK, I'll start anyway with my own preferences:

The obvious

1. Brandon Inge: The one guy the A's must bring back, even if not in a starting role. Great teammate, great defender, when he's streaking good he's freaking awesome. Not sure if he starts or not, but has to come back.

2. Jordan Norberto: Provided he gets healthy, of course. Slides right back into a high-leverage bullpen spot.

3. A.J. Griffin: Gets first crack at completing the rotation, I think, based on what he did before he got hurt. With the depth the A's have, it can be a short lease if he's not as effective.

4. Jemile Weeks: Ugh, I guess. Hopefully the break has done him some good. Could Inge really play second?

5. Pedro Figueroa: Most reliable pure bullpen arm not already up, I suppose.


6. Dan Straily: If Griffin can't hack it, Straily up quick. Otherwise, is he better served anchoring the RiverCats' rotation?

7. Tyson Ross: The quicker he can convert to relief, the better.

8. Daric Barton: Still useful, in moderation. Late-inning defensive upgrade, maddening pinch hitter (for opposing pitchers and A's fans).

9. Brandon Hicks: Not sure what use the A's have for yet another utility guy, but he's clutchy sometimes.

10. Collin Cowgill: Late-inning defensive outfielder, pinch runner.

Probably nots

11. Jesse Chavez: Guess he moves up if Ross can't cut it, have no reason to trust this guy yet.

12. Michael Taylor: Just don't see a role for him at all.

13. Jeremy Accardo: Would have to be added to 40-man; Jermaine Mitchell could be third longtime A's farmhand to get his walking papers (joining Godfrey and Recker).

14. Shane Peterson: Another non-roster guy, could replace Mitchell. Like the way the A's have played the hot hand this year, but it seems like Oakland prospects first generally suck immensely at the MLB level and there's no time for that right now.

15. Arnold Leon: Man, I wish — I just love the idea of Arnold Leon! It's the same reason I love Shawn Duinkirk, and Andy Paz and every other exotic, bargain prospect the A's have uncovered — when they make it, I get the satisfaction of thinking how smart my team is. Besides, Arnold's arm is relatively fresh.

So that's my list: please make suitable corrections. There's a damn good reason I'm not a baseball executive!

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