GOG #44: Now that Magic is done with Baahstin, the A's get to face what's left ANSWERS POSTED

GOG #44: A's (73-57) vs. Red Sox (62-69)


Fangraphs Red Sox

Fangraphs A's

Probable Pitchers

Over the Monster (SBN Red Sox)

1- Series Outcome (3 points). 3 extra points if you call any sweep and either team sweeps. A's sweep.

+3 extra for anyone who called an A's or Sox sweep.

2- Starting Pitching Starz and Goatz: Of the six starting pitchers, order them from highest to lowest WPA for their starts. (2 points each). How many starters have a negative WPA? (2 points), Do any starters have a WPA lower than -0.20. (1 point). If so, who? (3 points). (18 points possible). If anyone is scratched then straight substitution with their replacement.

Griffin +0.20, Anderson +0.17, McCarthy +0.14, Doubront -0.28, Dice-K -0.32, Cook -0.34,

3 starters with a negative WPA, yes starters lower than -0.20, and naming any one of Doubront/Dice-K/Cook gets you the 3 points

EDIT: Because it was a late scratch, for scoring purposes, replace Milone in any answers with Griffin and score accordingly.

3- Right Fielders: Cody Ross, he of that pungent 2010 team, is the current Boston right fielder. The guy he replaced, Josh Reddick, starts in RF for the A's and is just plain awesome. Guess Reddick, Ross, or Tie for More XBH/More RBI/More K/More BB/More HR (2 points each, 10 possible). Does either player reach base on an error this series? (1 point).

More XBH: Reddick, More RBI: Reddick, More K: Reddick, More BB: Tie, More HR: Reddick

Neither Reaches Base on an Error

4- Dice-HR: So, Daisuke Matsuzaka went on the DL after his last start against the A's, in which this was his line: 1.0 IP, 9 TBF, 4 H, 5 ER, 2 HR, 2 BB, 0 K. Predict his IP/TBF/H/ER/HR/BB/K for Sunday's start. (2 points each, 14 possible). Name an A's player who gets an XBH against him (2 points). What type of hit is it? (2 points).

Dice-K: 3.2 IP, 22 TBF, 7 H, 6 ER, 2 H R, 4 BB, 4 K; A's XBH: Either Smith or Drew gets you points, and it was a HR

5- High Rolling BBs: Name as many players (A's or Red Sox) as you wish who accumulate two or more BBs this series. (2 points each) However, be careful, as any incorrect answer and you lose two points. (no negative points: zero is the lowest you can score for this question). Crisp, Smith

6- pLI- Name an A's position player who puts up the highest pLI (among A's players) for at least one game of the series. Then, do the same for the Red Sox. (3 points each, 6 possible).

A's:Moss, Smith, Inge

Sox: Ellsbury, Ross, Aviles

7- Wild Card. At the conclusion of Sunday's games, which two teams hold AL Wild Card berths? (1 point each). Which team's leading? (1 point) How many games separate the A's and Rangers? (3 points if exact, 1 if +/- 0.5 games). Do any other MLB divisions change hands? (2 points). A's and Orioles are WC teams; A's lead. 3 games separate A's and Rangers (2.5-3.5 for 1 point).

For MLB Divisions changing hands, I entirely forgot that there could possibly be a tie for a division and didn't account for it. However, everybody answered no to divisions changing hands.

So, regardless of the outcome of Detroit/Chicago tonight, everybody gets the 2 points for answering "No", even if Detroit/Chicago are tied tonight.

8- Bailey. Andrew Bailey is finally off the 60 day DL and PITCHING. Predict his IP, H, ER, K, BB. (2 points each). Does he notch a save? (1 point) 0.1 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 1 K, 0 BB, no save

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