GOG 2012 #42 @ Tampa Bay. And then we rested.... [w/Answers]

This is the GOG where we don't ask any questions about the Rays pitching, which is frightening even without having to face Price and Shields!


  • Fangraphs A's page
  • Tampa's "DRaysBay"
  • Probable Pitchers
  • Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - #41

  • The Questions

    1. Series Outcome. 3 games. No game on Sunday! [3 points; sweep doubles your points, 6 possible] A's, 2-1

    2. Rays as General Offensive Threat. Over the last two weeks, based in part on their lovely slaughter of the Angels no matter how many homers Troujols or Pujout can hit, the Rays are at .278/.340/.459 for an OPS of .799. Over/Under for each (AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS - note that the pre-game #'s may vary a bit as fangraphs updates; correct answers will be for these three games specifically as they relate to the numbers given here). [1 point each, 4 total] Under, .278 AVG. (.223) / Under, .340 OBP (.290) / Under, .459 SLG (.372) / Under .799 OPS (.662)

    * 21-94 = .223 / 31-107 = .290 / 35-94 = .372 / OPS = .662

    3. Since when have the A's needed long relievers? Sigh. For each A's starter - Tyson Ross, Jarrod Parker, Brandon McCarthy, or whoever replaces them if scratched - guess which inning is their last (even if they don't make it through the inning - so, for instance, if Ross is removed after 7.1 IP, the answer is "the 8th"). Which reliever pitches the most total Innings? Which has the most K's? [2 points each, 2 point bonus for getting all three starters, 12 possible] Ross, 7th (1 Batter) / Parker, 6th / McCarthy, 7th / Balfour, Most IP (2.0) / Cook, Most Ks (4)

    4. Longoria and Scott. The Rays have had a lot of DL time for their DH this year, but are coming into full strength just as the season gets intense. Evan Longoria has been back a few weeks (no great shakes yet, though the team is on a tear with him around), and Luke Scott was activated on Tuesday. For each, guess their PA / H / RBIs. Does Longoria play DH? [2 points each, then 1 point, 13 total] 12 PA / 3 H / 1 RBIs; Scott: 9 PA / 3 H / 1 RBI; Yes, Longo DH

    Update: So far, everyone has guessed "Yes" for Longoria at DH. This apparently agrees with Maddon's own intention:

    After the game Joe Maddon explained that Evan Longoria would play the field tomorrow night, DH Friday and play the field again Saturday. Longoria said he feels he can play every day at third base but the Rays will surely be cautious.

    5. And for our Disabled List Players and Subs. Josh Donaldson has hit well in Brandon Inge's absence; Seth Smith has been missed (but only when we lose - somehow when we win he is not firmly in mind!). Cliff Pennington never heated up after his DL stint, and is now sharing time with Stephen Drew and Adam Rosales. For each of Donaldson, Smith, Pennington, Drew, and Rosales: GS / H / Errors. [2 points each, 1 each for Errors, 25 total]

    * Donaldson: 3 GS / 2 H / 0 E - 2 pts.
    * Smith: 2 GS / 2 H / 0 E - 5 pts.
    * Pennington: 2 GS / 1 H / 0 E -2 pts.
    * Drew: 3 GS / 4 H / 0 E - 2 pts.
    * Rosales: 1 GS / 1 H / 0 E - 4 pts.

    6. Dingerz, High Rolling. it is nice to see that the A's have 7 players with 10 or more Homeruns. Name as many players (either team) as you like who hit one, but get one wrong and you get 0. [3 points each, variable total] Zobrist, Gomes, Carter, Smith, Jennings

    7. Obligatory WPA. Give us a Star, any Star! Name 1 A's position player who has a WPA over .125 in any game. [3 points] Gomes (.293), Donaldson (.175), Norris (.306), Drew (.141), Carter (.156)

    (Possible points = 70 plus HR's & Sweep bonus)

    Answers must be posted by Gametime (4:05 p.m. on the A's coast).

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