Once Again, the A's Marketing Department Lays an Egg

I don't know why I'm surprised, but the A's marketing/PR Department has once again laid an egg. For the Oakland A's this weekend, they have been advertising for the past few months about this 'Streak Weekend' and the reunion of the 2002 team. Sounds exciting, right? I thought so....

After watching Moneyball for the Nth time and hearing non-stop calls from the 20 game win streak on sports radio, how could one not be excited?.....Well....I'll tell you. The following players are expected to make an appearance for the reunion.

- Chad Bradford
- Jermaine Dye
- Terrence Long
- Jeff Tam
- Jim Mecir
- MIcah Bowie
- Scott Hatteberg

Of course, Arte Howe, Ken Macha, Mike Quade, and Thad Bosley make an appearance as well as some of the coaches on the roster, but this is a joke....Might as well invite Jason Grabowski while you are at it. I understand they can't get players like Ellis, Chavez, Hudson, and Zito, because they are still in the league. However, if the best we can do is Terrence Long, Jeff Tam, and Micah Bowie, we might as well cancel the event.

The A's should have tried to get players that fans actually care about...even if it cost them a bit.

Miguel Tejada's name is noticeably absent from the list. Mark Mulder works like 1 or 2 days a week for ESPN. Could you really not convince them to come out? Billy Koch is missing as well. Even more embarrassing though is the absence of David Justice and Eric Byrnes, who both are on air all the time in the bay area (Justice on 95.7 the game and Byrnes on KNBR).

This reminds me of a few years back when the A's had the 20th anniversary of the 1989 World Series Team. They didn't even invite Jose Canseco. Granted, Canseco is an idiot, but him and McGwire were the face of the A's for a very long time and were the only reason they won anything. Is the team just going to ignore that? I mean, even if you excluded him from other events (such as signings) and just had him walk on the field, the fans would love it.

I pray to god that in the next few years, the A's will have players like Giambi, Chavez, Ellis, Zito, and even Tejada working for them in some capacity. The A's have dropped the ball completely. Their Marketing/PR department is the worst in baseball.

On a side note....Do they even have a Cespedes, Reddick, or Weeks jersey at the stadium yet? Do they even want to? Last time I was at the stadium earlier this season, all I saw were old Hideki Matsui jerseys and David DeJesus shirts....It made me extremely mad.

C'mon Oakland.....This marketing act has gotten old. I shouldn't have to buy a custom jersey and put 'Reddick' on the back because you won't market your players....Sorry for the random rant, but as a die hard fan, it's frustrating.

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