Streak Weekend Scoreboard Watching

There are a lot of big series on tap across the board this weekend. What would be the best outcome for the green and gold?

Well, I think we don't need to delve too deep into this series we have against the Indians. Here's my take on the six others:

Red Sox @ Yankees: If the Yanks can take care of business, which they should considering how they just manhandled the Rangers, they can all but write off the Red Sox for good. I think we're approaching the point where with all the off-field distractions and the general struggle of competing in the AL East, the Red Sox will be done for. A Yankee series victory would be great for us.

Orioles @ Tigers: This is a bit of an interesting one. I'd say if the Royals can defeat the White Sox, it would be perfectly fine for the Tigers to steamroll the O's, take charge in the AL Central and never look back while the White Sox plummet into oblivion. In the more likely event that the White Sox win the series at KC, what would be the best scenario? Who would we want to win this series, and would we want a sweep or a split?

Rangers @ Blue Jays: With the Jays 7.5 games behind us, 9 out of a playoff spot and just a half-game above Seattle, it would be nice if they can play well the rest of the way and do some damage by playing spoiler.

White Sox @ Royals: Let's hope that it's Our Time.

Rays @ slegnA: It would seem that a Tampa series win would be welcomed, but we only have three games left against Tampa so we can only do so much to impact their fate. On the other hand, we still have seven games left against the Fountain Valley Angels of San Juan Capistrano, so we can do some damage to them. Still, I'd rather see the rest of the AL West have trouble down the road, so I'll be pulling for the Rays, but it's important to keep in mind that a slegnA series win wouldn't be as bad as it seems.

Twins @ Mariners: We've got the Twins Monday through Wednesday and six against the Mariners next month. The Mariners are starting to play well and are now 9 games under the .500 mark. Would you rather have a Twins team coming off of a rough series into the Coliseum, or have the Mariners stop their recent trend and not pose a threat to us when we face them down the road?

So, that's my thoughts on the weekend.

Tl;dr version:

Pulling for: NYY vs BOS, KC vs CWS, TOR vs TEX

Leaning towards: TB @ ANA

Unsure: BAL @ DET, MIN @ SEA

How do you guys feel about this weekend all around the AL?

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