GOG #39: Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Write a GOG With Your Left Hand




Royals Review

Do your homework

GOG #38 vs the White Sox

Baseball Reference

The Questions

1. Series outcome: 3 games at Kauffman Stadium. (3 points) 2-1 Royals

2. Throwing Blanks: The A’s are 3-3 against KC this year, but all three losses have been shutouts. Will there be any shutouts thrown by either team this series? (1 point) What’s the latest inning a team scores their first run in? (3 points) Yes, 6th

3. Will Frenchy Make a Poupon This Series?: This is the obligatory Jeff Francoeur question. Guess his PA/H/BB/K. (2 points each) 11/2/0/3

4. She's Looking Good, Vern: Chris Carter has been playing well lately. He’s got a modest average of .272 but he boasts an on-base percentage over .400 and an OPS over 1.000. Guess Chris’ PA/BB/H/XBH for the series (2 points each). How many games does he start at 1B? (1 point) 11/2/2/1, 2

5. Kiss the Cook: OK, Ryan Cook hasn’t been at his best lately, to put it lightly. Maybe a return to Kauffman Stadium, where he pitched a 1-2-3 inning with two strikeouts in the All-Star Game, will help change that. Guess Ryan’s IP/BB/H/K. (2 points each) 0.2/0/1/0

6. Rock Bottom Remainders: Rock Bottom Remainders: The bottom of the order has been a source of much stress from this Oakland team. Will the 7-8-9 hitters collect more hits or strikeouts? (1 point) Will the bottom 3 get an XBH? (1 point) How about a home run? (1 point) Which team’s bottom three spots will have a higher slugging percentage for the series, A’s or Royals? (1 point) Do any Oakland players start all three games in the bottom three spots in the lineup? Name them. (2 points for every correct guess, but a single incorrect guess eliminates all points for the question. Maximum of 6 points.) Strikeouts, No, No, Royals, Pennington

7. Odds and Ends:
a) How many players do the A’s use this series? (2 points, 4 points if you correctly guess a number over 25) 22
b) Kauffman Stadium averages 1.85 home runs per game. That would mean 5.55 over a three-game series. Will there be more or less than 5.55 home runs in this series? (1 point) Less
c) Guess the attendance for the three games. (3 points if within 1,000, 2 if within 3,000, 1 if within 4,000) 46,043
d) What is the earliest inning a team takes the lead in for good over the three games? (2 points) 5th
e) The Astros are a mind-boggling 11-46 on the road this year. Although this has nothing to do with the A’s or Royals, I just find it so amazing that it deserves a question. Tuesday and Wednesday, they have games at Wrigley field. Do they win at least one of those? (1 point) (Probable Pitchers) Yes
f) How many times will the bases be left loaded by either team this series? (2 points, 1 point if +/- 1) 2
g) Will any reliever pitch in a game without recording an out? (1 point) No
h) Will we need more than three game threads for any of the games? (1 point) No
i) Clown Question, Bro: Because I’m going to the Nats-Gnats game Tuesday: The Nats and stnaiG are playing Tuesday and Wednesday to complete a three-game set. How many of those games are won by Washington? (1 point) (Probable Pitchers) 1

Bonus: Give yourself 5 points if you’re attending a game in this series! Also, 3 points to the first person to correctly name the source of the title of this GOG!

58 points + 8 bonus points possible


Answers due Tuesday at 5:10 pm PDT

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