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    Update: A's Win Game 1, 4-1, on the strength of a Colon Win and a Reddick Homer. A's Win Game 2 in a crazed 15-inning almost blew that one, 5-4. Sigh, A's Lose Game 3, 3-1 in the 11th after yet another blown save from the guy who simply shouldn't be expected to shoulder this load. A's Lose Game 4, 6-5, to give up a split, in a game I didn't hear but which sounds like a good game and tough, but not horrid, loss.

    1. Series Outcome. 4 Games in Oakland. Double your points for correctly guessing Sweep (either team) [4 points] Tied, 2-2

    2. High Rolling Homeruns. Which Team hits more Homeruns, the Athletics or the Blue Jays? How many total HRs for the Series? (Together they hit 11 last week in the three games in Toronto.) Name as many players as you want who hit one, with the usual caveat that 1 wrong guess and you get 0 points. The upside: Guess 1 player for 1 pt.., 2 players for 3 pts., 3 players for 6 pts., 4 players for 10 pts, etc. [1 point, then 5 points (1 point for +/-1), then 21 possible] A's, More (4-3) / Series Total, 7 Homers / Reddick (2), Carter, Gomes, Mathis, Cooper, Encarnacion

    3. Pick Your Favorite! Name any one of the 4 A's starters - Bartolo Colon, Travis Blackley, A.J. Griffin, and Tommy Milone [and of course Dan Straily who is projected to start in place of Blackley on Friday, and yes, you can update your answer if you like] - and predict the following: IP / H / R / BB / K / Game Score (+/-3) / W, L, ND. (If any are scratched, their replacement's numbers will count.) [2 points each, 14 total]

    * Colon: 8 IP / 7 H / 0 R / 1 BB / 3 K / Game Score, 80 (77-83 ok) / W [6 pts. for ZeroIndulgence; 2 pts. for rhymes withelephant]

    * Straily: 6 IP / 5 H / 1 R / 1 BB / 5 K / Game Score, 62 (59-65 ok) / ND [8 pts. for paris7; 4 pts. for humanoid; 1 pt. for GoAs]

    * Griffin: 1.2 IP / 1 H / 0 R / 0 BB / 0 K / Game Score, 53 (50-56 ok) / ND [2 pts. for Punchy, buddahead9; 0 pts. for Cartwright, weenmAN, Scotty J, Athletix Man]

    * Milone: 6 IP / 9 H / 6 R / 1 BB / 4 K / Game Score, 33 (30-36 ok) / L [0 pts., CndrKhraanik, DaSwinginA's]

    4. Ricky "George" Romero. Ricky Romero has become a Toronto horrow show, losing 7 consecutive starts. In 5 of those 7 starts, his BABIP is over .450. Does he get his 8th Loss in a row? Guess his BABIP (+/- .050)? Does he give up more BBs than K's? Does he make it past 6 IP (one batter in the 7th will do, here)? [1 point each, 4 total] No Loss / BABIP .167 (.117-.217 ok) / No, More K than BB (5-4) / Yes, Past 6 IP (7.0)

    5. Heart of the Order. In my last GOG, I asked about totals for the 7-8-9 hitters. Bad, right? This time, let's try the 3-4-5 hitters. Doesn't matter who it is, though we'll expect a lot of PAs from Josh Reddick, Yoenis Cespedes, and Chris Carter, right? Count stats for starters only. Guess the total H / XBH / HR / RBI / BB / K. [3 points each, but 1 point for +/-1, 18 possible] 9 H / 3 XBH / 3 HR / 7 RBI / 8 BB / 11 K

    6. Walkoff Excitement. Fangraphs calculates the Leverage Index for each plate appearance - this is basically the same metric idea as WPA, except that it looks at the circumstances leading up to the PA, and not at the changed result. An average LI is 1.0, a neutral situation. Over 60% of PAs are below 1.00, and only 10% are above 2.00. Then, fangraphs calculates the average LI (aLI) over a whole game and locates it on the sidebar of its gamegraphs. Here is the graph of the 15 inning snoozefest, with an utterly unheard of aLI of 1.97! For each game, guess whether the aLI will be greater or less than 1.00? Do any games go above 1.50, or below 0.70? And finally, do the A's walkoff any games? [1 point each, 7 total] Under, Over, Over, Over / Yes, Over 1.50 (Gs. 2&3) / Yes, Under 0.70 (G. 1) / Yes, A’s Walkoff (G. 2)

    * aLI Game 1: 0.69

    * aLI Game 2: 1.54

    * aLI Game 3: 1.60

    * aLI Game 4: 1.16

    7. Bautista. Jose Bautista comes off the DL today (August 1) but is expected to practice against live pitching before playing in a game. Clearly, they have given up, right? Does Bautista get a PA during the series? [1 point] No.

    (Possible points = 54 plus the HR High Roller.)

    Answers must be poted by Gametime (7:05 p.m.).

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