Grant Green 3B? LF? CF? SS? does anybody know???

If someone where to ask me what is the best way to insure a player never finds a defensive home, i would tell you that the A's have the perfect system already in place to achieve this goal. Just take a look at how Adrian Cardenas and Grant Green have been handled at AAA. Cardenas was bumped around for 2 years going from 2B to SS to 3B to LF to just plain waived with no compensation for what most considered a decent prospect.

Now it appears to be Grant Greens turn to be bounced around already going between SS, 3B, LF, CF and even an appearance at 2B. This makes one ask themselves is Green 2012's version of Cardenas who is never going to find a position or given the time to learn one.

On the surface the way these two have been handled appears to be very similar. but if you take a deeper i see i big difference between the two. Cardenas was given time and each position then moved to the next one when the brass felt he was not going to be able to handle the position. Green on the other hand followed this same path untill around 3 weeks ago they decided to just start picking his position at random on a game to game basis. it makes ones head spin. Take a look at his game log going back a few weeks

6/12 LF

6/13 CF,SS

6/14 LF

6/15 3B

6/16 SS

6/17 CF

6/19 3B

6/20 3B

6/21 SS

6/22 LF

6/23 SS

6/24 2B

6/27 CF

6/28 3B

6/29 LF

6/30 LF

7/1 CF

7/2 LF

7/4 CF

7/5 3B

So in the last 20 games he has played 5 different positions and only twice did he play the some position on consecutive days. Now i do believe that despite appearances the A's brass are not intentionally trying to screw this kid up, it makes you wonder though, what exactly are they trying to do and i think i might have figured it out.

I believe that they have determined that Grant Green is not capable of becoming a plus defender or even average defender at any position in a timely manor. Soo, i believe that they have decided to turn Grant Green into a Scutaroresk type super utility player that would be serviceable defensively at multiple positions, thus allowing them to get his bat into the line-up almost everyday without compromising a certain position defensively.

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