GOG 2012 #29: See You In September! Answers Posted

The Mariners, again. After this set, no more M's until September (we'll dream of you each and every night, while you're away don't forget to write...I just realized that I hate that song, and now it's stuck in my head. Awesome.)

Not a bad thing, really. The A's have a .400 winning percentage against Seattle in 2012. That makes them our toughest AL West opponent this year to date. Strange, but true. And if we sweep these guys, we go into the All-Star break with a winning record!


(The link to GOG #28 should be fixed now, sorry!)

THE QUESTIONS (57 points)

1. Series Outcome (3 points)

2. The Human Drama Of Athletic Competition: Do any of these games go into Extra Innings? Are any of these games tied through 7 Innings? Through 5? Scoreless through 3? (1 point each, 4 Total)

3. Jemile and Dustin, Sophomore Slump Edition: I though maybe Jemile Weeks was starting to turn things around offense-wise in May, but here he is, trying to bump that BA up to .220 before the ASB. He would probably like to have Dustin Ackley's numbers, as his Seattle counterpart's consistent mediocrity would be a step up. Predict PA/H/XBH for each player (2 points each) Who steals a base? Choose from Weeks/Ackley/Both/Neither (2 points) Is either player charged with an error (at any defensive position)? (1 point, 15 total)

4. Post-Fuentes: I wish ol' Bri the best of luck, but this ain't a eulogy. Our Pen Lefties as of today (Wed) are Jordan Norberto, Jerry Blevins, and Sean Doolittle. Not too shabby. Who pitches more than one Inning in this series? Your guesses can range from "Nobody", to "All three guys", or any combination of players in between. Careful, a single wrong guess means 0 points! A correct "Nobody" is worth 5 points. Each Pitcher correctly guessed is worth 2 points. (6 points possible) "More than 1 Inning" means at least 1.1 Innings. If somebody pitches an Inning on Friday, then enters the game on Sunday and fails to retire a Batter, that's only one Inning. The theoretical Guy That Got Shelled On Sunday would probably disagree. He can do his own GOG. Bottom line, your guy has to record at least 4 Outs.

5. Over/Under/Tie: 19 IP for A's Starters/1 Chris Carter HR/4 combined series errors/4 SB, both teams/1 Ryan Cook save (2 points each, 10 total)

6. See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me: Tommy Milone. Pitching at the Coliseum. Against the M's. I like our chances! Predict Tommy's IP/H/BB/K (2 points each) Does he surrender a Home Run? (1 point, 9 total) If Milone is a scratch for the series, this question is off the board.

7. Sliding-Scale Longball: Who hits the first Home Run for each team in this series? You can choose up to three players. A correct answer based on 3 guesses is worth 1 point. A correct answer based on 2 guesses is worth 3 points. Guess a single player correctly, that's 5 points. A correct "Nobody" for either team is worth 3 points (10 points possible)

Answers due by 1st pitch, 7:05 PM Friday. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

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