GOG #35: In which the elephants try to avoid being stung by fish. ANSWERS POSTED

First GOG here, so hopefully its not too much of an adventure in pulling teeth.

A's v. Rays.

Fangraphs A's

Fangraphs Rays

Do yer homework

1- Series outcome (3 points). 2-1 Rays

TWIST: If you predict the A's to win the series (either 2-1 or 3-0) and they sweep the series, you get an additional 5 points because sweep. If you predicted the A's to lose the series and they sweep, give yourself 2 points anyway because yay sweep. no twisty points

2- Welcome, George! How many starts does newly minted A George Kottaras get? (1 pt). 1 start Predict his PA/BB/H/XBH (2 points each) 3 PA/0 BB/1 H/0XBH. Now turn around and predict PA/BB/H/XBH for Rays catcher Jose Lobaton. 7 PA/1 BB/2 H/1 XBH (2 pts each) (17 points possible).

3- Game scores. For each game, will the A's starter or the Rays starter record the higher game score? (1 point each) Rays for all 3 games Then, predict which pitcher has the highest and lowest game score of the series for each team. (2 points each). (11 points possible). A's highest: Griffin (59) A's lowest: Milone (41) Rays highest: Shields (92!!!) Rays lowest: Price (64)

Others: Parker had a 43 and Cobb had a 70. Holy crap the Rays can pitch.

4- Wildcard Watch. As of Sunday at 6PM EST, the A's hold the first wildcard, and a 0.5 game lead behind the Angels, who have the second wild card spot. . Detroit is 1 back, with Baltimore and Tampa Bay 2 back of the 2nd Wildcard. Predict the order of the teams after all games end Wednesday as posted on the MLB standings page. (2 points per team in correct spot). Is there more than one game separating the second wildcard from the third place team? (1 pt). (11 points possible). Angels/A's/Orioles/Tigers/Rays [or Angels/A's/Orioles/White Sox/Rays]. Yes--- more than 1 (1.5 games separate the A's from all three of O's/Tigers/Rays.)

Note: If Detroit takes the AL Central lead, then Chicago just replaces Detroit in the answer. In other words, if the answer is A's/White Sox/O's/Rays/Angels and you guessed A's/Tigers/O's/Rays/Angels,, you get full points.

5- The Trade Deadline. Do either the A's or Rays make a trade during this series? (2 pts). Name one player or prospect from either team who is traded. (you are allowed one A's guess and one Rays guess without penalty). (5 pts, 7 pts possible) No, and thus nobody is traded.

6- Miscellaneous Over/Under/Tie (2 points each, 12 possible)

a) 4 A's series HRs: Under (2- both by Brandons)

b) 2 Rays series HRs: Tie (Joyce and Pena)

c) 7 IP by A's bullpen: WAY over

d) 6 K by David Price: Over (11 K)

e) 10 K between AJ Griffin and Jarrod Parker: Under (8 K)

f) 2 BJ Upton stolen bases: Under (1 SB)

total: 61 points possible, 66 if the A's sweeeep

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