Gabe Gross, or why baseball is so great (not a FanPost about Gabe Gross and his charity work or something, promise)

NOTE: Not that there is anything wrong in any way if Gabe Gross was involved in charities.

Baseball's great, huh? Yep, sure is. That quick Q and A could be the only thing in this entire FanPost, and it should get rec'ed all the way to the heavens. Because, it is great. The A's, while great, only so frustratingly-infrequent sometimes, are always great to watch. Yes, that's right. Great. Yep, Adam Kennedy batting lead-off ninety-four (94!) times in 2010, because Adam Kennedy just might be the best hitter on that particular A's team.

Also great: An entire season of a player having an OBP of ~.290 (calling Pennington, Cliff to the front desk to check-out please) is great, because he you can see his stats flash on the T.V./Monitor screen or if you're lucky enough to see it, on the pixelated scoreboard, and you'll think to yourself: [self]BULL(redacted) is Gabe Gross hitting .236. I have watched every game and he has never even HIT THE BALL ONCE![/self] And baseball is also great because at the beginning of the year when the A's signed Gabe Gross, I get that familiar feeling that I do when the A's sign/trade-for any washed up player who once was good at ANY aspect of hitting the ball. (Gabe Gross hit 9 homers and had a .382 OBP in about 250 AB's once. Nice...) So, one could even say something like players like Gabe Gross are why baseball is great. There is no equivalent in any sport to a player like Gabe Gross. Gabe Gross was useful because he played a good corner outfield and could pop a homer and draw a walk every once in a while against a right-handed pitcher. Those are extremely specific skills to add to a team, and there are players who have even MORE minute skills to add to a team.

The basketball equivalent of a Gabe Gross (or Frank Menechino or Jonny Gomes or even Josh Donaldson) does not exist. If he/she were, that person would be a player who was only good at shooting three pointers from this spot on the court, or can play fantastic defense on a player if that player stands in this two foot area and only dribbles with one hand. So, that's why Gabe Gross is great.

And that there are two distinct type of specialty skills players, that's great. The ones that do the thing on the baseball field that they do best, and then you think, "Oh, look he did that...about time." (GABE GROSS!!) And then there is the player who does that thing on the baseball field that they do best and you think, "Hey! He did that!" (Eric Patterson!...I liked him! I don't know!)

And that's why the 2012 A's are so great. No, I'm not going to make the argument that the A's are made up of a team full of Gabe Gross(es? i?), even though a Frank Menechino on this particular A's team would be f'n tits. But, they are made up of guys that all do certain things very well, and can compound with other players to make a very effective team. I'm probably riding the high of July onto the beach of this emotional 'they're so gritty, no I in team" stuff, but holy smokes, does it not seem like this 2012 team is the culmination of 5 straight good pitching, spare parts, old farts and Crosby teams that could almost kiss .500's dirty hemorrhoid.

They still have the good pitching, but it has a few less spare parts than usual, more guys that look like perennial big league ballplayers. At the plate, Gabe Gross is replaced by Gabe Gross 2.5: Seth Smith. And Brandon Moss is what Tommy Everidge, Jeff Larish and Jake Fox have only dreamed of being. Maybe, it isn't a very reliable blueprint to building a contending-every-year club, but, my (insert deity), isn't it fun to watch?

Now, is this team as good as their 16-2 record in July indicates? Yes.

The End.

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