An Incredible 16-game Stretch

The last 16 home games for the A's--can't imagine there's been much like this in MLB history. Eight of the games have been walk-off wins. Three of the other wins and two of the losses have also been dramatic games. Relive them a bit after the jump. Add any moments I've left out. This is a 12-4 home stretch worthy of reliving.

Game 1 (A's 4 - Dodgers 1): Blackley matches Kershaw through 8 innings. Norris guns down Dee Gordon in the top of the 9th. Lindblom looks to an empty third base in the bottom of the 9th. Cespedes screaming line-drive homer ends it.

Game 2 (Giants 5 - A's 4): A's almost chase Lincecum in the 1st. Cook can't throw strikes in the 9th. Belt's drive just out of Cowgill's reach turns a win into a loss.

Game 3 (Giants 9 - A's 8): Incredible 9th inning comeback falls short when Hicks's double bounces over the wall and Theriot is just able to get to Weeks's bit for a walk-off single.

Game 4 (A's 4 - Giants 2): Probably the best of the bunch. Denied a win when Seth Smith's go-ahead double is ruled foul in the bottom of the 6th, A's recover to win on Norris's no doubter off of Casilla with two-on and two-out in the 9th.

Game 5 (A's 6 - Red Sox 1): Sit back and relax win as A's chase Dice-K early, keyed by a Moss three-run homer.

Game 6 (A's 3 - Red Sox 2): Singles by Carter, Pennington, and Moss tie the game. Crisp sac-fly walks the A's off.

Game 7 (A's 3 - Red Sox 2): Weeks's single through a drawn-in infield in the bottom of the 7th plates the game-winning run.

Game 8 (A's 4 - Mariners 1): Mammoth Chris Carter three-run bomb ends it in the bottom of the 11th. Milone strikes out nine in seven innings.

Game 9 (Mariners 7 - A's 1): Parker doesn't have it.

Game 10 (A's 2 - Mariners 1): Reddick wins it with gap double in the 13th. Colon matches King Felix through 8 innings.

Game 11 (Rangers 6 - A's 1): Oswalt shuts A's down. Pressure now on to show we can keep up with the top teams.

Game 12 (A's 4 - Rangers 3): Reddick's clutch double ties it in the 7th. Hicks walks the A's off on the third pitch in the bottom of the 9th.

Game 13 (A's 4 - Yankees 3): A's get up early and hold on in the 9th.

Game 14 (A's 3 - Yankees 2): Cano ties it leading off the 9th. Moss ends it on the first pitch he sees in the bottom of the frame, scoring Cepedes who had gone 4-5. Spectacular pitching continues with Milone's seven shutout innings and ten strikeouts.

Game 15 (A's 2 - Yankees 1): Parker betters Hughes thanks to inge homerun in the 8th. Top of the 9th sees Sean Doolittle strikeout Cano, Teixeira, and A. Jones with the tying run on, the last swinging on a 3-2 pitch.

Game 16 (A's 5 - Yankees): A's claw back from four down, getting the tying run with one out in the 9th on Seth Smith's homer to dead center. Crisp walks us off for the eighth time during this stretch scoring Derek Norris on a two-out single to right in the bottom of the 12th.

So much more can and should be said about the starters, the bullpen, and more. All but one of the wins was either final at bat, extra innings, one run, or some combination of the three. Four walk-off homers during the stretch (Cespedes, Norris, Carter, and Hicks). Sweeps of the Red Sox and the Yankees account for seven of the twelve wins.

Just unbelievable.

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