Some Fun Stats About The A's And Yankees

In light of the A's recent dominance of the Yankees - and of baseball in general - I've pulled out a few little nuggets about these two two teams, in hope that Oakland will do the impossible and sweep the Bronx Bonbers tonight. If you have any other fun little numbers, just post 'em below.

- All together, the A's are 764-1130 against the Yanks

- The A's have never swept the Yankees in a four-game series in Oakland; the last time Oakland got any sort of against New York was from July 9-11, 2006 when they beat the Pinstripes at the old Yankee Stadium.

- The A's went 3-6 last year against New York. The Yankees swept them once, from 5/30 - 6/1; this three game sweep (in Oakland) initiated a 10-game losing streak that tossed the A's in the cellar and (partially) led to the firing of Bob Geren. Earlier this year, the Yankees swept the Athletics in a three-game series as part of a NINE-game losing streak

- Ironically, the A's longest winning streak against NYY is 16 games, twice as many wins as long as the Yankees' longest winning streak. Unfortunately, that happened from 1989-1991, and the Yankees have won eight straight games three times, the last being from June 12, 2008 to July 24, 2009

- In 1989, the A's scored 19 runs against New York, their most ever. This was also their widest margin of victory. Last year, the Yankees set their own record, scoring 22 runs and setting a record for the most grand slams in one game

- The A's are 2-11 at the new Yankee stadium; however, they are above .500 at the Coliseum (125-122)

- Since 1968, the A's are 218-255. In Kansas City, the Athletikcs had a winning precentage of just .291; 75 wins, 183 losses

- In 1901-1902 (when the Yankees were still the Orioles) the A's actually went 21-18. However, from 1903 to 1954 the Philidelphia Athletics lost 220 more game than they won.

- Tonight's OAK starter - Bartolo Colon - is 4-6 in his career against the Yankees, with a 6.30ERA. He lost his only start vs NYY this year, allowing 6 runs in 6 innings

- The two starters tonight - Sabathia and Colon - will set record for the heaviest starting matchup ever, at 555 lbs. Then again, we all know Sabthia is way over 290 pounds, so it might be closer to 600 lbs in total

- If he wins tonight, Bartolo Colon will be the first ever pitcher who had stem-cell treatement to beat the Yankees.

- Of his 3, 211 hits, Derek Jeter has gotten 189 of them agains the A's

- Yoenis Cespedes (who is 18-for-31 since the All-Star Break) is 7-for-10 against the Bombers in his career, with 2 homeruns.

- This is the first time ever that three Oakland rookies have all beaten the Yankees, while at the same time allowing no more than two runs. In fact, it may be the first time that three Oakland rookies have ever beaten the Yanks in consecutive games.

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