Some good Books for A's History

I have recently picked-up 2 very good books for the A's fans, especially if interested in the A's HIstory.

The first is something my wife bought me on a website called Red Envelope. It is a nice leather bound book titled History of the Oakland Athletics as told through the New York Times. The second is a biography of George Steinbrenner. Obviously the first is entirely about the A's. The Steinbrenner bio however, is filled with references to the A's.

The NY times book is basically copies of the A's stories from the Front Pages/ Sports pages from the NY times over the last 110 years. So you would have the articles from the Times from Oakland and Philadelphia playoff and World Series games. You would see the articles written about nearly every world series game the team played. The first article is on the 1905 World Series against the Giants. The most recent article is from Aug.. 2011 about an A's victory at NY. There is a great story on Braden's Perfect Game. There are loads of articles on the 88,89,90 World Series. An article or two on each of the playoff years of the early 2000s.

A great book. I have learned a bunch about the A's.

For Instance- Does anyone remember Eric Chavez being interviewed before the Game 5 in 2000. He said something like the 'Yankees were Great". It interview played on the screen in the Coliseum while the Yanks were taking BP and heard by O'Neil, Jeter, Bernie Williams. His comments supposedly enraged the Yanks and helped to motivate them to victory in that game.

The Steinbrenner book is filled with references to the A's. Its amazing how often the two teams have been connected through the years.

Some highlights.

1- Steinbrenner trying to hire Williams as manager after the 73 series. Also, it suggests that Williams was secretly negotiation with the Yanks during the year. Some guy named Tarnopol serving as a go between. Charlie O. fighting with Steinbrenner demanding compensation. The Yanks offered some minor leaguers, Charlie O. demanded top prospects Otto Velez or Scott McGregor. The Yanks wouldn't give the A's the better prospects. The Comiss. put the Kaibash on the deal. Williams got to manager the Angels the next year. As to whether or not Finley got anything in return is a question for the ages.

2- Catfish Hunter getting out of his contract with the A's through a technicality and being the first free agent.

3- The Yanks debating which A they should try and acquire (Rudi, Bando, Campy)

4- Brief mention of the 81 ALCS and his happiness at beating Martin.

5- It discusses Billy Martin. It describes Martin thrashing his office in Oakland in a drunken rage directed at Sandy Alderson.It mentions a hotel in Oakland (Hyatt??) that Martin loved to hang out in that was notorious for Hookers and drugs.

6- It discusses a brawl on the field between the A's and Yankees in NY in 1983. Mike Norris threw a brush back pitch to Dave Winfield. He charged the mound but was grabbed by Mike Heath and put into a choke hold.

GO A"s

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