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The A's had 33 overall picks in 30 rounds, starting with the #11 pick Addison Russell. This year they went more aggressive towards choosing high schoolers, selecting 5 out of 8 in the first 5 rounds. They also shifted away from "pitchability" pitchers over to "power arm" guys, guys like Nolan Sanburn (Round 2, Pick 74) and Seth Streich (Round 6, Pick 169) who can run their fastball up into the mid-upper 90's.

A couple nuggets from Melissa Lockard via Twitter and in an Interview (subscription required) she did with BJ Boyd (Round 4, Pick 139).

Via Twitter:

Spoke w/ 3 picks today. Bruce Maxwell should be signed tom., D. Robertson is likely soon & Herschel 'Boog' Powell is optimistic.

2:39 PM - 7 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Embed this Tweet

Boog should make it just because of his name alone!

Via Interview:

BJB: I’m definitely signing. Couldn’t ask for a better opportunity and I’m signing 100%. I got my dream to play baseball for a living.

Edit: Decided to post some videos too! I'll try and post more as they sign, I won't post videos of draftees past the 10th round that don't sign.

Nolan Sanburn BJ Boyd Kyle Twomey Daniel Robertson

Matt Olson Addison Russell Dakota Bacus Max Muncy

Boog Powell Lee Sosa Austin House

Now, here's the list of players that the A's drafted. I will put a slash through each name as they sign.

1-11 Russell, Addison Pace HS, FL SS R/R HS 6'00" 215lbs DOB: 01/23/94
1s-34 Robertson, Daniel Upland HS, CA SS R/R HS 6'00" 190lbs DOB: 03/22/94
1s-47 Olson, Matt Parkview HS, GA 1B L/R HS 6'04" 236lbs DOB: 03/29/94
2-62 Maxwell, Bruce Birmingham Southern, AL C L/R JR 6'02" 235lbs DOB: 12/20/90
2-74 Sanburn, Nolan Arkansas, AR RHP R/R SO 6'00" 190lbs DOB: 07/21/91
3-106 Twomey, Kyle El Dorado HS, CA LHP L/L HS 6'03" 165lbs DOB: 12/29/93
4-139 Boyd, B.J. Palo Alto HS, CA CF L/R HS 5'10" lbs DOB: 07/16/93
5-169 Muncy, Max Baylor, TX 1B L/R JR 5'11" 210lbs DOB: 08/25/90
6-199 Streich, Seth Ohio University, OH RHP L/R JR 6'03" lbs DOB: 02/19/91

7-229 Kurz, Cody Oxnard College, CA RHP R/R J1 6'04" 225lbs DOB: 09/13/92
8-259 Hall, Kris Lee University, TN RHP R/R JR 6'03" 210lbs DOB: 06/08/91
9-289 Bacus, Dakota Indiana State, IN RHP R/R JR 6'02" 190lbs DOB: 04/02/91
10-319 Vertigan, Brett University of California - Santa Barbara, CA CF L/L SR 5'09" lbs DOB: 08/21/90
11-349 Gonzalez, Alex Harrison HS, GA SS R/R HS 5'11" 185lbs DOB: 11/30/93
12-379 Caputo, John No School, 3B R/R NS 6'03" 210lbs DOB: 02/03/94
13-409 Pudenz, Stuart Dallas Baptist, TX RHP R/R JR 6'05" 215lbs DOB: 09/15/90
14-439 House, Austin New Mexico, NM RHP R/R JR 6'04" 210lbs DOB: 01/24/91
15-469 Voiro, Vincent Pennsylvania, PA RHP R/R SR 6'03" 195lbs DOB: 02/23/90
16-499 Mercedes, Melvin Central Florida, FL SS S/R J1 5'08" 170lbs DOB: 01/13/92
17-529 Olson, Tyler Gonzaga, WA LHP R/L SR 6'03" 190lbs DOB: 10/02/89
18-559 De Young, Derek Oakton CC, IL RHP R/R J2 6'00" 165lbs DOB: 12/17/91
19-589 Martinez, Robert Ramon Quinones Medina, CF R/R HS 6'01" 180lbs DOB: 02/08/94
20-619 Powell, Herschel Orange Coast College, CA CF L/L J1 5'10" 170lbs DOB: 01/14/93
21-649 Hollstegge, Tyler UNC - Greensboro, NC RHP L/R JR 6'01" 205lbs DOB: 12/17/90
22-679 Hillsinger, Matthew Radford, VA CF L/R SR 6'03" 205lbs DOB: 04/13/90
23-709 Healy, Tucker Ithaca College, NY RHP L/R SR 6'01" 195lbs DOB: 06/15/90
24-739 Bahramzadeh, Kayvon Kansas State, KS RHP R/R SR 6'02" 200lbs DOB: 01/22/90
25-769 Hansen, Derek Augustana College, SD RHP R/R JR 6'01" 215lbs DOB: 08/21/90
26-799 Sosa, Lee SUNY - Binghampton, NY RHP R/R JR 6'02" 205lbs DOB: 09/03/91
27-829 Mathews, Ryan North Carolina State, NC OF R/R 5S 6'02" 190lbs DOB: 08/01/89
28-859 Pohl, Philip Clemson, SC C R/R SR 5'11" 215lbs DOB: 07/22/90
29-889 Massey, Taylor Dallas Baptist, TX LHP L/L SR 6'00" 200lbs DOB: 01/14/89
30-919 Wolfe, Christopher Grambling State, LA SS S/R SR 5'11" 150lbs DOB: 02/02/90
31-949 Gorton, Ryan Oregon State, OR C R/R SR 6'02" 215lbs DOB: 02/27/90
32-979 Dull, Ryan UNC Asheville, NC RHP R/R SR 5'11" 175lbs DOB: 10/02/89
33-1009 Johnson, Tyler SUNY Stony Brook, NY RHP R/R SR 6'00" 180lbs DOB: 07/18/90
34-1039 Gradford, Devon Thomas Downey HS, CA SS R/R HS 6'01" 180lbs DOB: 08/01/94
35-1069 Sunde, Brett Bishop Foley HS, MI C R/R HS 5'10" 185lbs DOB: 08/24/94
36-1099 Williams, Connor Bingham HS, UT RHP R/R HS 6'03" 190lbs DOB: 03/18/94
37-1129 Wooten, John East Carolina, NC 1B R/R JR 6'04" 205lbs DOB: 01/19/91
38-1159 Drummond, Calvin University of San Diego, CA RHP R/R SR 6'03" 200lbs DOB: 09/22/89
39-1189 Blaser, Dalton Roseville HS, CA OF L/L HS 6'00" 180lbs DOB: 01/31/94
40-1219 Olmedo-Barrera, David St. Francis HS, CA SS L/R HS 6'01" 170lbs DOB: 06/22/94
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