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Do your homework - GOG #20 vs. Texas

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Answers due by 6:40pm PDT Friday

The Questions

1. Series outcome (3 games). During their series with the Rangers, the A's shut out Texas once and came very close in two other games. In the Diamondbacks' last four games (@ San Diego and vs. Colorado), they have won 6-0, lost 4-0, won 10-0, and won 6-1. Does either team get shut out in the series? (yes or no) [ 3 points / 1 point]

2. There's been quite the off field storm brewing in the valley this past week with Diamondbacks Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick calling out shortstop Stephen Drew and right fielder Justin Upton on a local radio show. 2011 All Star and Silver Slugger Upton has really taken a nosedive this year compared to last with a .243 avg and .365 SLG so far this season. Justin has been benched since going 0 for 4 on Monday night vs. Colorado. What is Justin's AB/H/BB/RBI for the series? [2 points each] Fair warning: Word on the street is Upton might sit out some of the A's series.

3. Chase Field is considered one of the most hitter happy parks in the NL, with an average of 2.29 home runs per game in 2012, good for fourth in the league. How many home runs does each team hit in the series? [3 points each] Name one player from each team that hits a home run. None is OK. [3 points each] Does a home run ball land in the pool area in right center during the series? Both in the water or on the deck count. Hitting outside the pool area and bouncing in doesn't. [5 points for a correct 'yes' answer, 2 points for a correct 'no' answer]

4. One of the A's big offseason moves came on December 9th when Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow were traded to the Snakes for Jarrod Parker, Ryan Cook, and Collin Cowgill. On Saturday night we'll see who got the better of the starting pitchers when Parker and Cahill face each other. I guess the D-Backs rotation just worked out, because Saturday also happens to be Star Wars Night at Chase Field. Predict which of the two (Cahill, Parker, or tie): throws more pitches, throws more strikes, gives up more earned runs, issues more walks, goes deeper (IP) into the game. [1 point each]

5. Oh dear, playing in a National League park means the A's pitchers have to borrow someone else's bat and step up to the plate. Last year, Tommy Milone and Jarrod Parker each had one hit. At this time, Sunday's starter has not been announced, but if Blackley pitches, his last/only ML hit came in 2007 with the Giants. Does any A's pitcher: get a hit / get on base more than once in the series / walk / get an RBI? (yes or no only for each one) How many double switches does former Diamondbacks' skipper Bob Melvin make during the series? [ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 3]

6. Every year it seems a few former A's make their way to the desert via trade. Brad Ziegler and Craig Breslow are two that have found a home in the left field bullpen. Both pitchers are having a fairly decent 2012 for the Diamondbacks. For each pitcher in the series, predict: appearances, H, BB, K. [2 points each]

7. Last month, the Diamondbacks handed out their largest contract in the team's history when they gave catcher Miguel Montero a 5 year, $60 million contract extension. How many hits, walks, RBIs, and strikeouts for Montero in the series? Any passed balls? [ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 1]

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