1-5 Against the Twins and Royals... GOG#20 ANSWERS POSTED

Score your KC debacle.

probable pitchers

Rangers active roster

The Questions 54 pts (not including the freebies)

1. Sacramento has split two games of a four-game series with the Tacoma Rainiers. Who wins the series? (tie works obviously) (2 pts)

2. Josh Reddick and the Oakland Rivercats open up a four game series with the Rangers. For each game, who is the winning pitcher? (3 pts) Who is the losing pitcher? (3 points) Who records the save? (no one is possible) (2 pts) 24 pts total

3. During the last 15 A's/Rangers games, the A's have averaged 1.3 errors a game. The Rangers have averaged .5 errors a game. Do the A's commit more or less (or tie) than 4 errors this series? (1 pt) Do the Rangers commit more or less (or tie) than 2 errors this series? (1 pt)

4. According to Fangraphs, the A's have had 10 batters post a negative WAR for 2012. The Rangers only have 1, Michael Young. Guess Michael Young's PA/H/BB/XBH for the series. (3 pts each)

5. Chicks dig the long ball, Hamilton has hit 21. The A's as a team have hit 42. Do the A's as a team hit more HRs than Josh Hamilton this series? (tie goes to Hamilton) (1 pt) Name an A's player and a Rangers player that hits a HR (2 pts each)

6. Yay, WPA. I have no idea how to guess on WPA questions. Pick an A's pitcher and a Rangers pitcher that posts a positive WPA in the series for each team (2 pts each)

7. Random Yes/no questions. (1 pt each)

a) Do the A's draw more than 64,000 for the series?
b) Do the A's avoid getting shutout this series?
c) Do the Rangers score more runs this series than the A's get hits?
d) Does Colin Cowgill's hit streak come to an end in this series?
e) Are the Mariners in the AL West cellar after the Thursday games?

8. FREEBIES!!!!!
a) get a point for each game you attend.
b) if this is your first GOG for 2012, add 50!!!! GOG is fun, where else can you get points for random guesses?

Answers due by 7:07 PDT Monday

1. Sacramento won both games

2. gm 1: W: Parker, L: Feldman sv: no one
gm 2: W: Holland, L: Blackley, sv: Nathan
gm 3 W Colon, L: Lewis, sv: Fuentes
gm 4 W McCarthy, L: Darvish, Sv: no one

3. less than 4 errors, less than 2 errors

4: 13 PA, 3 H, 0 BB, 1 XBH
5: A's hit more HRs than Hamilton, 6-0 A's HRs- Crisp, Moss, Cowgill, Cespedes, Inge, Ka'aihue) Rangers HRs- Napoli

A's positive WPA, Balfour, Blevins, Carignan, Colon, Doolittle, Fuentes, McCarthy, Miller, Parker.
Rangers positive WPA, Adams, Lewis, Nahan, Ogando, Scheppers

a) drew only 51,804
b) avoided the shutout
c)A's more hits than Rangers runs
d) Cowgill's hit streak came to an end
e) Mariners in the basement

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