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    The Questions

    1. Series Outcome. Four games against the MLB WAR leaders in both Hitting and Pitching. Fun! [4 points] Rangers, 3-1

    2. Everything is Big in Texas. The Ranger have 5 players over 10 homeruns: Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, Mike Napoli, Nelson Cruz, and Mitch Moreland. How many homers do these players combine for in the series? [3 points if exact, 1 point for +/-2] There have been 85 homers (as of Monday) in Arlington Stadium this season, or 2.53/game. Over the four games, will there by more or fewer than 10 homeruns? [1 pt.] Who (any player, either team) hits the longest HR in True Distance - where it would have landed at playing field level [3 pts.] The TD median of the 85 HRs is about 409 feet, and the longest has been 459 feet. How far does the longest HR (again, hit by any player) travel, again in True Distance. [2 points for +/- 5 ft., 5 points if exact, 12 points possible for this question] 2 HRs for Texas Power (0-4 ok for 1 pt.) / Fewer than 10 HRs (8) / Moss, Longest / 427 feet (422'-432' ok for 2 pts.)

    Game 1: Reddick (405') / Norris (403') / Pennington (340')
    Game 2
    : Carter (374') - Notably, the most towering HR of the day at 148' - 7th most Towering of the Year
    Game 3
    : Carter (377') / Beltre (368') / Hamilton (419')
    Game 4
    : Moss (427') - The Longest!

    3. Yu Back on Track? After being hit hard in late May/early June, Yu Darvish's last three starts both went at least 7.0 innings, and his briefly abominable K/BB rate (which was about 1.0 for four games), returned to very good (6 BB, 29 K). Guess his IP / BB / K. Does he get a Win, Loss, or No Decision? [2 points each, then 1 point, 7 total] 7 IP / 3 BB / 11 K / Loss

    4. Oh yeah, the A's play, too! Brandon Inge may be Ken Korach's favorite player these days - though that seems fated to end soon if BFI keeps missing balls in the zone. KenKo was caught saying that Brandon is arguably the most valuable of any Athletic position player, and repeats his Games Played to RBI ratio on a regular basis (and yes, it is nearly 1:1, or 33 RBI in 35 games). Does Inge get 4 or more RBI this series? How many Foul Flies does he catch? How many DPs does he originate? How many Put Outs (force or tag)? [1 point, then 2 points each, 7 total] No, Fewer than 4 RsBI (1) / 0 Foul Fly Caught / 0 DP originated / 2 Put Outs (Game 1, from Reddick; G3 CS)

    5. Ex-Closer. It's not that A's fans hate Brian Fuentes; it is just that we don't want to see him used improperly, right? Which inning or part of an inning does Fuentes pitch in any of the four games? How many right-handed batters does he face? Does he give up a Hit or BB to a righty? [2 points each, then 1 pt., 5 total] Pitches in 6th & 7th Innings / Faces 7 Right handed hitters (Young, Cruz, Napoli, Torrealba, Gentry, Kinsler, Andrus) / Yes, Gives up BB or Hit ( BB, 2 H)

    6. It is hard not to love the A's starting Pitching. These guys have mostly come out of nowhere - Travis Blackley? A.J. Griffin? - and of course, some of them will be back in nowhere before too long - Tyson Ross? Among the four A's starters - the fourth in this case being Tommy Milone - which has the Highest Game Score? The Lowest? Guess the Game Score for each within +/-2. [2 points each, then 3 points each, 18 possible, but you won't get even close to that!]

    Game 1: Ross 28 (Lowest)
    Game 2: Griffin 70 (Highest)
    Game 3: Milone 47
    Game 4
    : Blackley 62

    7. Starz N' Goatz WPA - Single Game Version, Position Players only. Highest and Lowest WPA for each game, each team, no game order necessary. As always, credit for repeat performances given only if you name the player twice. 16 Guesses in all. [2 points each, 32 total]

    A's Starz: Cespedes (.347), Weeks (.069), Carter (.079), Moss (.092)
    A's Goatz: Smith (-314), Inge (-.142), Gomes (-.111), Pennington (-.126)
    Texas Starz: Kinsler (.203), Gentry (.598), Kinsler (.173), Gentry (.083)
    Texas Goatz: Torrealba (-.187), Napoli (-.198), Gentry (-.123), Hamilton (-.207)

    (Im-Possible points = 85.)

    Update - this really should have said 5:05 p.m. Pacific time, to be more exact. The game is, after all, in Texas. Answers must be posted by Gametime (7:05 p.m.).

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