GOG 2012 #26: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle




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GOG #25 vs the Gnats

Baseball Reference

The Questions

1. Series outcome: Three-game set at Safeco. (3 points) 2-1 A's

2. Son of a Gun: Tommy Gun is coming off of a dazzling complete game on Wednesday against the Dodgers, but of course, his numbers aren't as pretty on the road. Seattle has a lot of the same characteristics with the marine layer, so we'll see if Tommy can use the park to his advantage. Guess Tommy's IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each) [7/5/0/5] On Tuesday, Seattle will send Jason Vargas to the hill, who, like Tommy, is a Southern California native. Vargas picked up a W on Opening Night at the Coliseum. He's allowed 20 homers in 16 starts, including that bomb by Yoenis Cespedes on opening night. Guess Vargas' IP/H/K/BB. (1 point each) [6.2/3/10/2] Does anyone for the Green and Gold take Vargas deep? Who? (1 for yes or no, 3 for correct hitter) Yes, Cespedes

3. Man of the Hour: With his walkoff homer, it's obligatory to dedicate one question to Derek Norris. Guess Derek's PA/H/BB/XBH for the series. (2 points each) [4/1/0/0] Seattle's Jesus Montero, acquired from the Skanks for Michael Pineda in the offseason, is starting to solidify his role behind the plate. Guess Montero's PA/H/BB/K for the series. (2 points each) [11/3/0/5] Does any catcher allow a passed ball this series? (1 point) No

4. Oh, the Guilt: We don't need to revisit what Ryan Cook did Friday. The question is what will he do this series? Guess Ryan's IP/BB/K/SV. (1 point each) [2/1/3/2] Like Cook, Seattle's Tom Wilhelmsen stepped into the closer role after the closer from the start of the year, Brandon League, couldn't get the job done. Guess Wilhelmsen's IP/H/BB/K. (1 point each) [2/0/0/2] Does anyone blow a save in the ninth inning during the series? (1 point) No

5. Starting pitchers: Guess one of the six starters for each of the questions. You can also guess a tie between two or more starters. You don't need to guess which starters tie, just say tie. However, picking one starter that ends up in a tie will not earn you the point. (1 point each)
a) Which starter allows the most extra-base hits? Vargas - 2
b) Which starter throws the most pitches? Milone - 110
c) Which starter throws the fewest innings? Millwood - 2 2/3
d) Which starter throws the most strikeouts? Tie - 10
e) Which starter walks the most batters? Parker - 4
f) Which starter has the worst ball-strike ratio? Blackley - 59%

6. Kibbles and Bits:
a) Guess the total number of outfield assists in the series. (1 point) 1
b) Do any games this series go to extra innings? (1 point) No
c) What is the shortest outing by a starter in this series (3 points if precise down to thirds of an inning, 1 point if correct inning but not precise thirds) 2 2/3 (If you guessed 2 or 2 1/3 you get 1 point)
d) Which of these will we see the most this series, triples, HBPs or balks? (1 point) HBP
e) Will either team collect 12+ hits in a game? (1 point) Hell No
f) Will the A's make any changes to the 25-man roster during the series? (1 point) No
g) Which team turns more double plays? (1 point) Mariners, 5-4

7. Who wins the College World Series, South Carolina or Arizona? (1 point) Arizona Justin Smoak is a former Gamecock himself. He's hitting just .217 right now. Will his BA be higher or lower at the end of the series? (1 point) Lower

62 possible points + bonus below

Bonus! Any fans up north attending a game in this series, add 5 points for each one you attend.

Answers due by Monday @ 7:05 pm PDT

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