GOG 2012 #25 - The only interleague series that anyone really cares about




McCovey Chronicles

Do your homework

GOG #24 vs Los Angeles

Baseball Reference

The Questions

1. Series outcome (3 games) [3 points]

2. Thursday's game ended Coco Crisp's streak of 36 stolen base attempts without being caught. The end of one streak just means it's time to start another. How many SB / CS for Coco in the series? Name one player other than Coco (either team) that steals a base in the series. [ 2/ 2/ 3 points]

3. Sunday afternoon looks to have the marquee pitching matchup with Matt Cain facing Brandon McCarthy A.J. Griffin. For each question, answer Cain only, McCarthy Griffin only, both, or neither: At least 7 IP / Gives up less than 6 hits / Gives up 3 or fewer ER / Allows 2 or more HRs. [ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2]

4. The Bay Bridge series always means big crowds. In last year's series in the east bay, the Coliseum was sold out for what turned out to be a sweep for the good guys. Not only that, but they tend to be lightning quick games, too. Over the past two years, only one of the six games in Oakland came in at over 2 hours 45 minutes, with two under 2:20. What is the average game length (in time) for the three games? [+/- 10 minutes] Is any game longer than 3:10? Does any game go into extra innings? [ 3/ 1/ 1 points]

5. Welcome to the big leagues Derek Norris. The A's newest catcher posted a .273 avg with 57 hits and 8 home runs in Sacramento this year. How many starts / H / K / BB for Derek in the series? How many Giants does he throw out trying to steal? [ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2]

6. Have a year, Melky Cabrera! The Giants' left fielder is second in the ML in batting average, leading the ML in hits (and currently the only player over 100), and third in runs scored. How many H / BB / K / RBI for Melky? [ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2]

7. What's the matter with Timmy? His ERA has ballooned to 6.19, he's given up nearly as many earned runs as he did all last year (same for wild pitches), and his strikeout/walk ratio is by far the lowest it's ever been. Does Lincecum get a Win, Loss, or ND in his start Friday? Also predict: # pitches +/-3 / H / K / ER. [ 1/ 2 3/ 2/ 2/ 2]

Extra credit: Give yourself one point for each game you attend this series.

Answers due by Friday @ 7:05pm PDT

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