GOG 2012 #23 Do the Friars have the answer to the A's prayers?

The Friars are in town for a 3-game set over the weekend. Yeah, I know...*yawn*. I can see the headlines now: "A's and Padres played some baseball games over the weekend. One of those teams may or may not have won a game." Well, I don't know about you, but I'm getting a Coco Crisp Chia Pet on Sunday! So, there's that.




Probable Pitchers

Do your homework

The Questions:

1. Series Outcome Three games in Oakland. (3 points)

2. Ex-A's: After visiting with some ex-A's in the last two series, this one is no different with five on the Padres roster! Let's take a closer look at three of them: Mark Kotsay, Chris Denorfia and Houston Street. (2 points each, 18 total)

For Kotsay and Denorfia: How many games played? How many games started? How many outfield assists?

For Street: How many appearances? How many saves? How many strikeouts?

3. NL DH: Name one player on the Padres roster that starts at least one game as DH. (2 points) Do the NL DH's do better or worse than the AL DH's? Guess A's/Padres/Tie for how the DH's do during the series: More H / More XBH / More RBI / Fewer K (1 point each) (6 total)

4. Hot! In a very short time, Carlos Quentin is on fire! Does he keep it up in the spacious Coliseum? Guess PA/H/XBH/BB/K for the series. (2 points each, 10 total)

5. Pitchers? We don't need no stink'n pitchers! Who's pitching for the A's over the weekend? Guess the A's starter for Saturday. (2 points) For each game, guess which pitcher (A's or Padres) has the higher Game Score? (2 points each) (8 total) [If the Saturday starter is announced before game time on Friday, scratch that portion of the question.]

6. Power! Brandon Moss has put on a power show in Colorado! Does he keep it up in Oakland? Guess his PA/H/XBH/BB/K for the series. Does he hit a HR? (2 points each, then 1 point, 11 total)

7. Obligatory WPA. Name the position players with the highest WPA for each team, each game. That makes 6 total guesses (you can name the same player twice if you think they'll do it twice). It does not matter which game the player has the highest WPA. (That is, if you guess "Donaldson," he can lead the A's in any of the three games for you to score points. If he leads in two games, you only get points for one, unless you name him twice. Any takers?) (2 points each, 12 total)

68 points total. Answers due before game time on Friday.

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