The MLB Fancave & The Josh Reddick ASG Campaign


Recently a handful of NYC area ANers and members of the NYC A's Fan Club were invited to the MLB Fan Cave by Benjamin Christensen (the fan representing the A's in the Fan cave.) The fan cave itself is a pretty awesome place and is open to the public once or twice a week in the afternoon, normally when baseball games aren't going on. (Cave dwellers have to remain in the cave and watch every single MLB game throughout the season.) Other than watching baseball the dwellers pass time by playing pool on a customized MLB pool table complete with balls for every team, enjoying a skeeball game, celebrating on the Home Run Slide, and by entertaining celebrity guests as well as current and former MLB players. (I hung out with Eric Byrnes during my first visit to the Cave, but failed to ask him why he always caught fly balls with 1 hand.)


Anyways, Ben invited us to the cave because he wanted to get to know the A's fans here in NYC and more urgently he needed help making a "Vote for Josh Reddick" campaign video as part of a Fan Cave challenge. We had a bunch of different ideas and concepts at our disposal, but we also wanted to implement some of the things that make Josh Reddick unique. We only managed to have one instance of someone calling him JJ on camera, and thankfully someone caught it and we were able to reshoot.

Vote for Josh Redddick for the 2012 All-Star Game!!! (via shakabrodie2000)

Ben is a genuinely nice guy and in my opinion the biggest baseball fan in the cave. How can you help him? You can follow him on twitter @shakabrodie, you can use the twitter hashtag #DontRunOnReddick, and you can vote for Ben online by clicking on this link and clicking the red button in the upper right hand corner. Also don't forget to Vote for Josh Reddick as well.


A few of the NYC Oakland A's Fan Club surround the enemy.

For more information on the NYC Oakland A's Fan Club like us on Our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter @OAKAthleticsNYC. We meet-up about once a month to watch A's baseball and make some friends.

*****Sadly Ben was voted out of the Fan Cave shortly after I wrote this.*****

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