GOG 2012 #18: The Twins have a shiny new park, and not much else




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GOG #17 vs. New York - because you want to be reminded of that series again

Baseball Reference


The Questions

1. Series outcome (3 games) [3 points]

2. Travis Blackley made the short trip to the right side of the bay a couple weeks ago, and now he's starting on Memorial Day in Minnesota. In four games with the Grizzlies, he compiled a 0.39 ERA, then was promptly lit up when brought up to the Giants. Facing him is Scott Diamond, who oddly enough has the Twins' highest batting average. For each pitcher, predict IP/H/K/ER [2 points each; 16 total]

3. Mannywatch may finally be coming to an end. Ramirez is eligible to join the A's on Wednesday, his 40th birthday. How many AB/H/BB/K for Manny on Wednesday? If he does not join the A's on Wednesday, then we'll use same stats for Ramirez in the Rivercats' game vs. Fresno on Wednesday. [2 points each; 8 total]

4. After a long wait, Mr. Change of Scenery is back with the A's. After going 6 for 7 (!) with two home runs in a rehab stint with the Cats, Brandon Inge is set to rejoin the A's in Minneapolis. Guess Brandon's AB/H/RBI/K for the series [2 points each; 8 total]

5. Starz and Goatz: High(er) roller edition. Name as many players as you want (either team) who will have a positive cumulative WPA for the series. You can name as few or as many players as you like, but here's the catch: for every correct guess, you get 2 points. For every incorrect player, you lose 2 points. If a player doesn't play in the series, or ends up with a WPA of zero, it doesn't count for or against you. [anywhere between -100 and +100]

6. I think I found the problem with the Twins. Their pitching staff has the highest ERA in the majors (5.47), has given up the most earned runs (by a long shot at 249), given up the most home runs (also by a long shot at 67), and has recorded the fewest strikeouts so far (261 - the next lowest team is your lovable muppets at 281). For the Twins' three starters, guess over, under, or equal for the following: 18 H, 14 ER, 10 BB, 13 K's, 4 HRs, 2 wild pitches, 18 IP. [2 points each; 14 total]

7. Ex A's outfielder Compliant Pork is having a respectable year so far for the Twins with a .270 AVG, 41 hits, and 28 RBIs. Nearly equaling Josh is new A's right fielder Josh Reddick with .271/48/26. For each category (for the series), guess Willingham, Reddick, or tie: More hits, more Ks, more walks, more XBHs. [1 point each; 4 total]

Answers due by Monday @ 11:10am PDT

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