COG #17 - Yankees vs. Athletics or Spank me! Spank me!

Yes, it's that time of year A's fans - the Yankees are coming and along with them literally thousands of screaming fans donning the gay apparel of pin stripes. I consider it a painful time to brave the coliseum, especially since the A's have lost to the Yankees 11 times in 40 games games since 2007 - yikes!

Will this weekend be different? Why on earth would it be?? I'm here to remind you, miracles happen.

Do your homework - score your COG #16




1) Series outcome - 3 games (3 pts)

2) Battle of the Right Fielders - Nick Swisher was and remains to many (esp of the pin stripe variety), a fan favorite - not only because he was fun, but because dude can hit (btw, google NIck Swisher's wife, she's attractive). A new knight has arisen from the ashes of right field in the coliseum - Josh Reddick - and he's right good himself (so far, so good). Predict for each:

H / XBH / HR / RBI / BB for both (2 pts each for each guy); does either have an outfield assist in the series? if yes, who? (1 pt each) (22 pts possible)

*SCORING CLARIFICATION* If you answer “no” to outfield assists and there is one, you get no point(s) for that part of the question – i.e., 0 out of 2. If you guess “yes” and there is an assist, you get 1 point and and additional point if you guess correctly who got it. If the correct answer is “no,” there are no assists by either Reddick or Swisher and you answer yes, you get 0; those who answer “no” get 1 point, the other potential point falls away.

3) Don't close that door! With the Sandman out for the year and Dave Robertson on the DL, Rafael Soriano is the Yankees closer. As we all know, Brian Fuentes stole the role from Balfour. Neither has blown a save yet this year.

Does either or both closers make an appearance - *change to* get save opportunities - this series? Which one, both, or someone else (another player)? Any blown saves? If yes, who blows? (1 pt each) Guess K's / BB's for both (2 pts each) (12 pts possible)

*SCORING CLARIFICATION* What is meant by “someone else” – does another player get the save opportunity?You get a bonus point if you guess, “Yes, Norberto gets a save opportunity,” and Norberto does in fact get a save opportunity. By appearance I really meant, “save opportunity.” If they appear in a non-save opportunity, then not a save opportunity.

4) HRs vs. SBs - the Yankees are tied with the Ranger for second most HRs in baseball with 62; meanwhile, those whipper-snapper A's are second in steals behind only the Marlins with 40.

Assuming both teams continue to excel at their respective strengths, how many HRs for the Yankees this series? Anybody on the Yankees hit more than 1 HR this series? If so, who?

Same questions for the A's - how many SBs? Anyone steal 2 or more? If so, who? (2 pts each, 12 pts possible)

5) Obligatory Ryan Cook Watch - # of appearances / K / BB / allow an inherited runner to score? allow an earned run? (2 pts each for first 3, 1 pt each for last two - 8 pt possible)

6) Milone at home - he's 4-0 with a .60 ERA at the Coli. How does Tommy Milone fare against the Yanks? Guess his IP/H/ER/BB/K. Does he get the W? (2 pts each, then 1 pt, 11 pts possible)

7) Obligatory WPA question - What player has highest WPA each night from each team (same player more than one night ok, just name the player more than once; need not name players in order to get points - i.e., if Jeter has highest WPA for a Yankee in game three and you name him first, you still get the points)?

And for a little bit of controversy - who will have a higher WPA in the series, Barton or Ka'aihue? (2 pts each, then 1 pt)

extra credit - GOTTA REPRESENT - give yourself one point for every game you attend this series (3 pts possible)

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