GOG 2012 #10 Perfect Weather, Under The Dome

I'll be spending the weekend in Walla Walla with my friend Kim and her parents. I don't know if I'll have access to a computer. Kim's parents are Evangelicals, so I definitely won't have access to a beer! I'm not trolling for sympathy, just saying I might not be able to post the answers in a timely fashion.


1. Series Outcome (3 points)

2. Callin' On The Run Line (For Your Love, For Your Love)

Through Tuesday, the A's and Rays have averaged a combined 7.66 runs per game. Predict the over/under for each contest. (1 point each, 3 total)

3. The Hot Corner: Plenty Of Letters Left In The Alphabet

With Evan Longoria expected to miss 6-8 weeks, the Rays are forced to implement Plan B for 3rd Base. I guess that's Elliot Johnson. The A's started the season with 3B Plan B already in place, in the person of Josh Donaldson. ("yes honey, Uncle Jason used a bad word, and he's very sorry.") By my estimation, Brandon Inge is our Plan E. Predict PA/H/XBH for the series for each team's starting 3rd Basemen. PAs at another position in the same game (defensive shift) count. PAs for replacement 3rd Basemen do not. (2 points each) Also, is there more than 1 E5 in this series? (1 point, 13 total)

4. Some Other Guys

Our Starting Line-up is still in a state of flux. It doesn't feel like everyone on our roster has a clearly defined role. Predict PA/H/XBH for Eric Sogard, Daric Barton, and Anthony Recker. (2 points each) Does Recker get a start at Catcher in this series? (1 point, 19 total)

5. Tommy Milone, All Is Forgiven

The Sox beat up on you pretty bad, but hey, that could happen to anyone. You'll do better this Sunday. Predict Tommy's IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each, 8 total) If Milone is scratched, the question still applies to Oakland's Sunday SP.

6. Tie Me Effin' Kangaroo Down, Sport

I play bass in a metal band, and reams of profanity have been known to spew from my cake-hole. Thus, I feel a certain kinship with Grant Balfour. I'm going to assume that he's still our Closer, and that Fuentes finished up on Wednesday to give Grant a much-needed night off. Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay, Fernando Rodney is doing a fine job as the Rays' Closer. For now, anyway... Guess Balfour/Rodney/Both/Neither. Does either Pitcher record a Save? Blow a Save? Strike Out at least 3 batters in the series? Give up a Home Run? (2 points each, 8 total) Name a Pitcher on each team who records a Hold (no points, because really, who cares?)

7. Diggin' The Long Ball

Name the player who hits the 1st Home Run in the series for each team. "Nobody" is an option, but you shouldn't be so cynical. (3 points each, 6 total)

Lots o' points here. We can all get fat and happy. Answers due before 1st pitch, 4:10 Friday Pacific Time. Best of luck, and LET'S GO A's!

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