GOG 2012 #15 @ San Francisco Giants

This is stupid. Really, I am the very last person to do a GOG about a game between the A's and the San Francisco Giants. For one thing, I HATE everything about the National League. Well, what I hate is that they refuse the DH, which is fine for them but shouldn't apply to exhibition interleague play. I also know absolutely next-to-nothing about the Giants. I am a total homer, and have almost no idea who is on their roster. Yes, I actively ignore the Giants, as opposed to my occasional, spurious interest in the Brewers or the Dodgers or the Mets.

But, abandoned to my lonely task as GOG-Mod (for which I was neither nominated nor selected), here goes with a quick-as-fire fill-in GOG.


  • Fangraphs A's page
  • Other Team page
  • Probable Pitchers
  • Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - #14

  • The Questions

    1. Series Outcome. Three Games. What a bore. [3 points]

    2. Hitting Question. The A's may have 33 homeruns, but they sit last in the league with a BA of .215, based on a BABIP that is league worst at .256. What is the A's BA for the series, +/-.010? What is their BABIP, +/-.010? [3 points each, 6 total] Consolation questions - score points for these only if you are not correct on the earlier questions: Is the A's BA higher or lower than .215? Is their BABIP higher or lower than .256? [1 point each, 2 possible - but only if you miss the higher scoring questions]

    3. Starting Pitcher Question. Of the 6 starters, how many will have a Game Score above 50? Whose will be highest? Whose lowest? Which A's pitcher gets a hit? Which A's pitcher lays down a successful Sacrifice Bunt? (Obviously, "None" is acceptable for these last two.) [2 points each, 10 total]

    4. Someone interesting from the Other Team. Well, I am sure there isn't one, but I did read a fangraphs article about some raking hitter named Cabrera but not on the Tigers. Yeah, it confused me, too, even more so when I found out his name was "Melky." To his credit, he already has 50 hits, and leads the Giants in both Runs and in RsBI. What are his PA / H / Runs / RsBI? [2 points each, 8 total]

    5. An Athletic on Fire or Not. Dude, this is so Josh Reddick. He now has 10 homeruns, and an OPS that is a very un-A's-like .883. Guess his HR / H / K. Does his OPS reach .890, yes or no? [2 points each, then 1 pt., 7 total]

    6. Some interesting Statistic or Comparative Metric. Fangraphs has been strongly pushing the Shutdown/Meltdown stat as a replacement for the Save, which they rightly think skews salaries, contract length, etc. A Shutdown is when a relief pitcher increases his team’s win probability by 6% (0.060 WPA), and a Meltdown is the opposite (-.060 WPA). Name a pitcher from each team who gets a Shutdown and one from each team who gets a Meltdown ("None" is acceptable for any of these.) [2 points each, 8 total]

    7. Obligatory WPA. Name the three players from each team with the highest WPA in the series, in any game. (That is, a single game could have two or even all three of these!). As always, you can guess the same player twice if you think they will have two of the highest WPA scores. [3 points each, 18 possible]

    (Possible points = 60.)

    Answers must be poted by Gametime (7:05 p.m.).

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