GOG 2012 #02 vs. Seattle (Answers Posted)

Did we start the season? Yes. But for anyone who may have missed it, the A's and Mariners are hitting the "reset" button. Of course, the results of the original series aren't tossed out, but it is already getting hard to remember last week's results..

Even if you missed GOG #1 (March baseball?), you should start playing now. Most everyone misses a few, and some folks drop off along the way.

Also, please "rec" this post so it doesn't get knocked off the shelf. When you come back to score, "unrec" it and it will disappear.


GOG #02 - Let's Re-sink the Re-Mariners!


  • Fangraphs A's page
  • Lookout Landing
  • Probable Pitchers
  • Score Your Last GOG - #01

  • The Questions

    Final Update. A's lose both games, but Cespedes is en route to 121 homers this year. Update after Game 1 - A's lost 7-3. McCarthy gets roughed up, things go downhill form there. We forgot to win against the guy that isn't Felix Hernandez.

    1. Series Outcome. Another splitsville? A two-game sweep? You call the Series Outcome! [2 points] M's sweep, 2-0

    2. Getting better all the time? Ok, we lost our 8th straight Opening Day, but the good news is that we kept Felix Hernandez from getting his first Win of 2012. Can we do better this time around: How many hits do the A's get off Felix? Do they get a home run? Does Felix get a Complete Game? A Win? Does Felix have a Hit Batsman (HBP)? Does an A's third baseman commit an error? [2 points, then 1 point each, 7 total] A's, 8 H / Yes, A's Hit HR (Weeks) / No CG / Yes, Felix Win / Yes, Felix has HBP (Cespedes) / No 3B Error in Game

    3. Control is everything. Brandon McCarthy and Bartolo Colon could turn out to be a helluva 1-2 punch this year - or maybe they are just pitching against the Mariners. The good news is that in their 15 IP, they have 1 BB and 9 Ks. Guess Over/Under/Exact for the following combined stats: 14 IP / 2 BB / 10 K / 3 Runs Allowed. [1 point each, 4 total] Under (9.1 IP) / Exactly (2 BB) / Under (6 K) / Over (12 Runs Allowed)

    4. Moving Back the Fences. Yes, the A's hit 3 HRs in two games in Japan, and the M's hit 2. But now we head back to Oakland. How many HRs for each team over the two games? Name 1 player on each team who hits a HR ("none" is acceptable answer, obviously). [3 points each, then 2 points each, 10 possible] A's, 3 HRs - Cespedes (2) & Weeks / M's 1 - Saunders

    5. Remove the Bunting, Please. Just Run Faster. When will it end? Even if sacrifice bunts are occasionally called for, the A's nearly always seem to get it wrong. Yes or No, do the A's lay down a successful Sac Bunt this series? And while we're moving along the basepaths, guess the total SB and CS for each team. (Last series, the A's were 2-2, the M's 4-1.) [2 points, then 1 pt. each, 6 total] A's, No Sacs / A's, 0 SB - 0 CS / M's, 3 SB - 2 CS

    6. Pick Your Poison. Choose any two A's position starters and guess their series totals: PA / H / BB / K. It doesn't matter if they start one or both games, but you can't guess for someone who is only coming off the bench. As of this writing, Josh Donaldson is pegged for the 3B start next game, and Adam Rosales has been sent down. I have no idea about 1B decisions, and some of us are still itching for a Collin Cowgill start, but may not get to scratch that one for a while. [2 points each, 16 possible]

    Weeks, 10-3-0-1 / Crisp, 9-4-0-1 / Reddick, 8-3-0-2 / Gomes, 3-0-1-1

    Smith, 5-2-1-0 / Cespedes, 8-2-0-4 / Suzuki, 8-1-0-1 / Donaldson, 4-0-0-1

    Ka'aihue, 5-2-0-1 / Allen, 3-0-0-3 / Pennington, 8-0-0-1 / Sogard, 4-1-0-0

    7. Can you hear a Pin Drop? At last year's Home Opener, the O.Co Coliseum sold out (36,067). For Game 2 on Saturday, attendance dropped to 15,088. Is the Game 2 attendance Over or Under last year's? Guess the actual attendance. [1 point, then variable: 5 points for +/-50, 3 pts. for +/-250, 1 pt. for +/-1000; 6 points possible] Over Last Year's Attendance / 16, 612 (5 pts., 16,562-16,662; 3 pts., 16,362-16,862; 1 pt., 15,612-17,612)

    (Possible points = 51.)

    Answers must be poted by Friday Gametime (7:05 p.m.).

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