GOG 2012 #7 - Philip Humber can walk on water, too (answers posted)

I promoted this because GOGing is a fun AN tradition and because more players are always good! "Guess the Outcome Game" is a friendly competition amongst fans to guess some statistical outcomes. Please read below and decide if you want to join us.




1. 2-1 A's [3 points]

2. 3 H / 0 XBH / 1 RBI / Yes (T-4th) [2/ 2/ 2/ 1]

3. A's Positive: Blevins, Colon, Cook, Figueroa, Fuentes, Milone, Norberto, Parker, Suzuki, Ka'aihue, Cespedes, Crisp [2 points each]

White Sox Positive: Floyd, Jones, Ohman, Peavy, Reed, Sale, Dunn, Konerko, Ramirez [2 points each]

A's Negative: Balfour, De Los Santos, Miller, Thompson, Recker, Barton, Hughes, Pennington, Sogard, Weeks, Gomes, Reddick, Smith [game over]

White Sox Negative: Santiago, Thornton, Flowers, Pierzynski, Beckham, Escobar, Morel, De Aza, Fukudome, Lillibridge, Rios, Viciedo [game over]

If they're not listed, they didn't play.

4. Yes, plays 3rd / AB 6 / H 0 / BB 0 / K 2 / Yes, commits error [1/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 1]

5. Less - 34,790 (10574+11184+13032) / 69 degrees [1/2]

6. Lillibridge / 5 [1/3]

7. Peavy: 9 IP / 3 H / 0 ER / 5 K [2/ 2/ 2/ 2]

Colon: 7 IP / 7 H / 2 ER / 2 K [2/ 2/ 2/ 2]

Lower ERA: Peavy (1.88 vs 2.62) [1]

Extra credit: 1 point for each game you attended


Study for the test




South Side Sox


Baseball Reference


Do your homework

GOG #6 vs Cleveland

The questions

1. Series outcome (3 games) [3 points]

2. Our good friend A.J. Pierzynski is currently tied for 4th in the AL with 14 RBIs. How many H/XBH/RBI for A.J. in the series? Is he still in the top five in RBIs after Wednesday? [2/2/2/1 - 7 points total]

3. Starz and Goatz: High roller edition. Name as many players as you want (either team) who will have a positive cumulative WPA for the series. You can name as few or as many players as you like, but here's the catch: for every correct guess, you get 2 points. If you guess ANY player that gets a negative WPA, you get 0 points for this question. If a player doesn't play in the series, or ends up with a WPA of zero, it doesn't count for or against you. [Theoretically 100 points, but probably not]

4. Do you come from a land down under? The are 14 active Australians in the majors and the A's suddenly have three of them. Most recently, Luke Hughes comes to us courtesy of the Minnesota Twins. Does Luke fill in at 3rd base at all during the series? (doesn't have to start) What is his AB/H/BB/K for the series? Does he commit an error? [1/2/2/2/2/1 - 10 points total]

5. 38,405 fans attended Saturday's Reds/Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Do the A's draw more or less during the three-game series against the Sox? Also, what is the game time temperature Wednesday as reported here by the 1pm-ish weather observation at the Oakland Airport? [1 point for attendance, 2 for temperature]

6. Brent Lillibridge is leading the AL with five stolen bases. Yoenis Cespedes is currently tied for second with four, and right behind them are Cliff Pennington and Jemile Weeks with three. Who of the four is leading the AL in stolen bases after Wednesday's games? Possible answers are Lillibridge, Cespedes, Pennington, Weeks, or "someone else." If there's a tie, points awarded if you guess any one of the leaders. How many SB does the AL leader have after Wednesday? (two separate questions) [1/3 - 4 points total]

7. So some guy named Phil had a pretty good game on Saturday. Fortunately our muppets don't have to face him and his 0.63 ERA this series. Monday night looks to have a good matchup featuring Jake Peavy and Bartolo Colon. Peavy has only issued two walks in 21 innings this season, while Colon has not allowed a run in his last 15 innings. For each pitcher, guess IP/H/ER/K. Who has the lower ERA after the game? (Colon is currently 2.63, Peavy 2.75) [2/2/2/2, then 1 - 17 points total]

Extra credit - This being a midweek series in April with sketchy weather forecast for getaway day, give yourself one point for each game you attend this series. I'm an NRAF, so unfortunately my score is already a big goose egg.

Answers due by Monday @ 7:05pm PDT

Question #3... First three columns are each game, last column is the series

Grant Balfour 0.066 -0.223 -0.157 Grant Balfour
Jerry Blevins 0.007 0.145 0.152 Jerry Blevins
Bartolo Colon 0.032 0.032 Bartolo Colon
Ryan Cook 0.303 0.303 Ryan Cook
Fautino De Los Santos -0.055 -0.055 Fautino De Los Santos
Pedro Figueroa 0.024 0.024 Pedro Figueroa
Brian Fuentes 0.127 0.127 Brian Fuentes
Brandon McCarthy 0.000 Brandon McCarthy
Jim Miller -0.439 -0.439 Jim Miller
Tommy Milone 0.523 0.523 Tommy Milone
Jordan Norberto 0.254 0.254 Jordan Norberto
Jarrod Parker 0.117 0.117 Jarrod Parker
Tyson Ross 0.000 Tyson Ross
Rich Thompson -0.002 -0.002 Rich Thompson
Anthony Recker -0.044 -0.044 Anthony Recker
Kurt Suzuki -0.102 0.287 -0.013 0.172 Kurt Suzuki
Daric Barton 0.072 -0.128 -0.056 Daric Barton
Luke Hughes -0.072 -0.126 -0.198 Luke Hughes
Kila Ka'aihue -0.098 0.186 0.088 Kila Ka'aihue
Cliff Pennington -0.059 -0.187 -0.246 Cliff Pennington
Eric Sogard 0.018 -0.162 -0.144 Eric Sogard
Jemile Weeks -0.004 -0.017 -0.107 -0.128 Jemile Weeks
Yoenis Cespedes -0.004 -0.071 0.593 0.518 Yoenis Cespedes
Coco Crisp 0.059 0.059 Coco Crisp
Jonny Gomes -0.071 -0.134 -0.205 Jonny Gomes
Josh Reddick -0.198 -0.094 0.154 -0.138 Josh Reddick
Seth Smith -0.027 -0.044 0.013 -0.058 Seth Smith
Jesse Crain 0.000 Jesse Crain
John Danks 0.000 John Danks
Gavin Floyd 0.421 0.421 Gavin Floyd
Philip Humber 0.000 Philip Humber
Nate Jones 0.254 0.254 Nate Jones
Will Ohman 0.127 0.127 Will Ohman
Jake Peavy 0.505 0.505 Jake Peavy
Addison Reed 0.127 0.127 Addison Reed
Chris Sale 0.071 0.071 Chris Sale
Hector Santiago -0.92 -0.920 Hector Santiago
Zach Stewart 0.000 Zach Stewart
Matt Thornton -0.332 0.127 -0.205 Matt Thornton
Tyler Flowers -0.057 -0.057 Tyler Flowers
AJ Pierzynski 0.014 -0.107 -0.093 AJ Pierzynski
Gordon Beckham -0.148 -0.015 -0.163 Gordon Beckham
Adam Dunn 0.149 -0.034 -0.096 0.019 Adam Dunn
Eduardo Escobar -0.112 -0.112 Eduardo Escobar
Paul Konerko 0.051 0.007 0.282 0.340 Paul Konerko
Brent Morel 0.062 -0.081 -0.059 -0.078 Brent Morel
Alexei Ramirez -0.065 -0.062 0.207 0.080 Alexei Ramirez
Alejandro De Aza -0.002 -0.095 -0.073 -0.170 Alejandro De Aza
Kosuke Fukudome 0.024 -0.088 -0.064 Kosuke Fukudome
Brent Lillibridge -0.075 -0.207 -0.282 Brent Lillibridge
Alex Rios -0.045 -0.044 0.017 -0.072 Alex Rios
Dayan Viciedo -0.021 -0.158 -0.05 -0.229 Dayan Viciedo
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