GOG 2012 #6 vs. Cleveland


Look Out - Here Comes Cleveland


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  • Probable Pitchers
  • Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - #05

  • The Questions

    1. Series Outcome. Three games back in Oakland! Cleveland comes in 5-1 on the road. [3 points]

    2. Who digs the Long Ball? The A's have 12 homers already, through the first 14 games. Last year, their 12th homer took them until Game 27! How many HRs do they hit this series? Who hits one? ("Nobody" is a possible, if motivationally suspect, answer.) [3 points each, 6 total]

    3. What's the Game Score. Among the A's starters - Graham Godfrey, Brandon McCarthy and Tyson Ross - who has the best Game Score? How many have a Game Score over 50? For each, is their Game Score higher or lower than their opponent? (Game Score is an easily calculable metric that better captures a pitcher's performance than Quality Start.) [2 points, then 1 pt. each, 6 total]

    4. Meet the 2014 Indians. Cleveland recently locked up the arbitration years of Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana. Cabrera is on the bereavement list, but we can expect some fire from their impressive young catcher. Which team's catchers have more: H / XBH / K? And defensively, which team has more Thrown Out Stealing / PBs? (You can call for "A's," "Cleveland," or "Tie" in any of these.) [1 point each, 5 total]

    5. Reddick makes my... Josh Reddick heated up in Anaheim, throwing out runners at will, hitting the ball hard all over the park (at least until the last game). How does he fare, back in the offense-depressive Coliseum? Guess his H / XBH / BB / K. Does he throw out any runners (doubling them off counts)? [2 points each, then 1 pt., 9 total]

    6. Three for Three Four. Jonny Gomes mildly spoiled this question late in the last game by lining a single in the 8th. Before that, he had 3 Hits, 3 Jacks, ISO = .500. Does Gomes hit a HR? Does he get a hit that is not a homerun? He also has 10 Ks in 21 ABs. How many Gomes Ks for the series? Does his K/AB end up at or above 50%? [1 point each, then 2 points each, 6 total]

    7. Obligatory WPA. Name the position players with the highest WPA for each team, each game. That makes 6 total guesses (you can name the same player twice if you think they'll do it twice). It does not matter which game the player has the highest WPA. (That is, if you guess "Donaldson," he can lead the A's in any of the three games for you to score points. If he leads in two games, you only get points for one, unless you name him twice. Any takers?) [2 points each, 12 total]

    (Possible points = 47.)

    Answers must be poted by Friday Gametime (7:05 p.m.).

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