A call to arms for A's fans.

As a lifelong A's fan I've seen quite a lot transpire for this franchise, both good and bad. Though I find myself super excited for this season, as are many of you, there is most definitely a black cloud hanging directly above us at this point. As nice as it was to find our tea actually featured on my favorite sports talk program,PTI, it was not concerning our Demigod's prodigious power, but showcasing no one gives a rat's ass about our team. The attendence has been pitiful already. Perhaps due to the winter long struggle for a new location, or the semi annual implosion of the roster, many fans have stopped caring. We are at a crossroads, my fellow diehards. This all reeks of impending change. Change which could be permanent and reeking of doom.

Within swimmers range across the bay is prosperity. The shiny new park with the shiny new "diehard fans". All is well. All talk concerns them and their model franchise. I see an image in my head of a utopia perpetually lit by sunlight that is flanked by the sunless, apocalyptic castoff. We are at the endtimes friends. This should not be. We need to stand up and fight. I see a way we can do this. Our goal this year should not be making the playoffs... It should not be going .500... Our goal should be having a better record than the@#%&*^* Giants.

I live in San Jose, the proposed new home of our beloved team. It should be clear now after the first week of this season, that San Jose is our only local option. And this whole situation of Bud Selig jerking us around and the Giants not reciprocating our generosity from their similar situation years ago makes me sick. It also makes me sick that how our franchise gets the black sheep treatment in the bay area. From not being televised on opening day, to a severely diminished presence on CSN, to no mention whatsoever on KNBR (im thankful for 95.7, as bad as it is sometimes).

What keeps me going is my is never ending battle with the South Bay Giants fans, which are legion. It literally must be a 20 to 1 ratio down here, no hyperbole. Every year i get involved with friendly bets concerning which team has more wins, which lately has been a losing proposition for me. This year knowing better i just stated our team would finish equal or better divisionally than the Giants. Knowing we could not do worse than 4th and likely be third... And the Giants are in tough division that was the the wager de jour. Which brings me to my point. Giants fan's are delusional as to their team's quality. They have been drinking the Krukow lemonade for so long. And their bandwagon fans just blindly cheer their "World series winning team". Go Huff! Sickening.

The Giants are just not that good... I mean minus Cain and Lincecum they are below average. Their offence is generally terrrible. Their Gm, is beloved despite making the most awful signings.

We can be better than the Giants this year. It will be a long season, and in all likelihood we will not do so, but this should be of utmost importance to our franchise. I made this an argument about the fans initially but this really concerns our team. With our black sheep of a brother winning more than that prodigal son of a team we can potentially assist our survival.

If we make this our mission statement, and for lack of a better slogan, $%#^ the GIants! It can polarize the area and provide inspiration for both are players and fans. We need something to be hopeful about. We need to stand up and shout. We need to be heard again!

1. When the Giants lose on the scoreboard a chant must be began

2. Flood the radio shows

3. Make your presence known at Giants- A's games

4. Wear your colors.

5. Stand up for your team!

This truly could be near the end of the line for our beloved team... We cannot control what Bud Selig does nor can we control how well the A's do this year, but we can support our team to the bitter end and possibly give some awareness to the rest of the nation that we still have a team that may have a better onfield product that than f'ing team across the bay.

This quote from an American classic says it all

We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

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