Prediction for the 2012 Oakland A's: 49 wins

I am predicting that the 2012 Oakland A's will win 49 wins this season. See why at the jump....

The 2012 Oakland A's took a couple of really big steps backwards this off-season, and it means that we are going to have to endure a really bad season.

Pitching Predictions:

Brandon McCarthy is already having fingernail issues. It has not been talked about much, but he has already gone through several fake nails. Have you ever lost a finger nail? It takes a long time to grow back. Yes, he pitched well in Japan, but his fingernail issue will hamper him in the first half of the season and lead to some rough outings.

Bartolo Colon looked good in Japan as well, but what has not been reported is that his weight loss has been due to a thyroid issue. It's likely he will not be able to pitch deep into games due to this health issue. Look for him to go on the DL not long into May.

Tommy Milone: As YonYonson pointed out today in his recap of the Sacramento RiverCats/A's game, Milone does not have dominating stuff. Hello! If he was THAT good why would he have been trade fodder? The fact is Milone is not hard to figure out and once the league figures out that you only have to wait on his 84 mile an hour fastball, he will look very Zito-esque. Projected record: 8-12

Ross: The inverted "W" once again leads to injury. Look for Ross to be inconsistent as he usually is.

Braden/Anderson: We are already seeing signs of setbacks as both guys are already pushing back their expected return dates.

Position Player Predictions:

Allen/Kila/Barton 1b: The three-headed third baseman of a few seasons ago becomes the three-headed first baseman. If we could have Barton's glove, Allen's power and Kila's experience we would have something. Instead we have mediocrity and inconsistency. We trade power for a glove and that power is inconsistent.

Weeks, 2b: Weeks has a big fat glaring hole in his game: his glove. Hits for average but is a defensive liability and as the season wears on his glovework weakens.

Pennington, SS: Cliff is the one guy who will have a monster season. He will hit .300 with 22 hrs and 89 RBI's and will make the cover of Sports Illustrated leading to "Penny-sanity"

Donaldson, 3b: Josh Donaldson will set an all-time record for futility as he sets modern day records for errors and struggles at the plate.

Cespedes, CF: The Demigod is nothing more than a common wood nymph as the league figures out quickly that you feed him a steady diet of breaking balls. He does connect for 15 homers but hits a svelte .220.

Crisp, LF: Coco goes fro in an attempt to remind people that he is here and it's clear he is the team's true center fielder. But it doesn't matter as he gets mad about this and it affects his game, hitting .250 and will at least once be able to throw a ball all the way up into the stands from the left field position.

Reddick RF: Finally able to play an entire season, Josh Reddick starts hot but succumbs to the rigors of an entire season, ending with a line of .275, 15 and 80.

Kurt Suzuki, Catcher: At the midway point, teams begin to circle the carcass of the A's and Suzuki is the one player available that teams target to help them into the post-season.

Prediction: 49 wins. 52 if Rosales is instated as the everyday 3rd baseman. 99 if Fuentes is used in every game. 102 if Geren is reinstated as the manager.

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